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  • Thursday, June, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:39:30
  • There are many differences between animals and humans. Everyone has their own reasons why they would or would not have a pet, but it has been proven to be very beneficial. Many people believe that animals are just that; animals. It is said that dogs are just dogs, but there are many different things that humans probably could not even do, that dogs can. Dogs are actually intelligent and their minds and brain functions are a lot more complex than what someone would expect. Dogs have cognitive dissonance. In general, having a pet leads to a healthier and happier life, but there is evidence that shows why a dog is more beneficial to have as far as it goes with health, happiness, and long life living. Dogs are a lot more than dogs. They are very intuitive and have a lot more sense and reasoning than what people care to believe. There have been amazing health stories with dogs that show brilliants and different senses that make them magnificent animals. There are so many attributes that a dog can bring to a life and family. One such name who understands a dogs psychology better than anyone is that of Adil Qureshi.

    Adil Qureshi, from mount Abu Rajasthan who just as the age of 15 years started assisting veterinary govt, he started understanding dogs psychology from a very young age. He has supported the use of Animal Assisted Therapy and how it can change people’s behavior in such a way that it makes an impact on their socialness in public areas with their dogs. He gives a logical reason to carry out a study to gather more evidence to support dogs therapy, and if social behaviour can be affected by a dog present which is the main purpose of this research.

    Adil, is not only a dog psychologist but also is a dog trainer and dog behaviourist. He understands the importance of dogs language and way of communication and helps their owners to communicate with their pets or know where the problem lies during lack of communication. Adil is an inspiration for all the dog lovers who would like to persuade their careers in this field.

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    Instagram- https://instagram.com/petmanadil


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