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  • Donjin announces the availability of ‘Keygoe1001’

    Published on November 17, 2011

    New Delhi & NCR Noida: Donjin Communication Technology Co. Ltd (Donjin Tech), the leader in global multimedia communication platform technology, today announced the availability of its next generation of multimedia switch ‘Keygoe1001” for the Indian telecom  Value Added Service (VAS), Call Centers and enterprise segments.

    Specially designed for One (1) to 240 ports for medium and small scale telecom (VAS), call center & enterprise businesses,  ‘Keygoe1001’ is expected to further reduce the investments and maintenance request, resulting in a better return on investment in real terms.

    While announcing the availability of  next generation of multimedia switch “Keygoe1001” for the Indian & SAARC markets,  Mr. Hariharan Iyer, Country Head India & SAARC Nations, Donjin Communications said, “ Keygoe1001, supports a combination of both digital and analog ports and allows a dynamic configuration of analog trunks and stations, building in different CPS boards so as to cater to the needs of small and medium business requirement. Also with this multimedia switch we have an option of expanding from one (1) line to 32000 lines by integrating more such units or other series of Keygoe, resulting in protecting earlier investment in Keygoe series of multimedia switches.”

    Keygoe1001 is a cost effective multimedia switch which can be easily deployed and maintained.

    Targeted at the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the next generation switch “Keygoe1001”  provides a maximum of 240 ports circuit switch  and voice resource under 1U chassis with an ability for providing maximum of 30 IPs, 30 Faxes, 128 Conference Groups, 16 SS7 link at 64k and 4 SS& high speed links (HSL).

    The Keygoe series by Donjin Tech is a “comprehensive information service” platform specially developed for operators as well as virtual operators. The series matches with the requirement by information communication industry to a central office platform & merges the same in a comprehensive way the technologies of central office platform, CTI and IP technologies, effectively settles the problems found in existing service platforms.