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Donorbox Now Supports Indian Nonprofits To Receive Donations

NGOs in India play extensive roles not limited to service delivery, welfare works. This is also for community development, promoting democracy, human rights, equitable governance and citizens’ participation etc. In view of the short fiscal space accessible to the government, its social sector spending remains highly insufficient.

The effects of an insufficient social sector are increased by the erosion of safety nets at the community level. Lack of childcare arrangements for working women, especially those in low-income groups, and decline of elderly care in families across different income groups are two such examples. In such a situation, the contribution of NGOs, to various sections of society in particular, has a huge significance.

Coming back to the COVID-19 crisis, our response will have to be both immediate as well as long term. While the government seems to appreciate the potential and initiatives of the  NGOs in addressing the immediate aftermath of the lockdown, the need is to bring a complementary and collaborative engagement which looks far beyond. Huge Support in expansion of facilities and capacity in the health sector, as well as frontline service providers like Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, Masksforindia.org are obvious areas of collaboration in the medium and also in the long run.

There are other less obvious yet very crucial spheres where NGOs can play a role to enhance the effectiveness of the government’s response. For example, as the government re-prioritises its spending to address the economic impact of the crisis, the ministries and departments for unnoticed  communities and for social sectors such as women and children, social justice, tribal welfare, water and sanitation and education etc. will be best place to get the benefit from the research-based advocacy of NGOs about protecting budget allocation for the focus groups/areas of these ministries/departments.

NGOs can also help in bridging the gaps in safety nets thereby affecting migrant labourers, rural and urban poor as well as most ignored communities like sex workers and transgender people etc. The hidden danger of an environmental disaster due to climate change further necessitates the need for effective and sustainable collaboration between government and NGOs. Not only that, NGOs also have the human resources, expertise and experience in these areas, the re-prioritisation of international donors for addressing the aftermath of the crisis gives them the leverage to  bring some additional funds into the country, which is the need of the hour.

A lot of NGOs have been deeply working towards the upliftment of the poor and needy at this time. The COVID-19 cases are accelerating every day. It is turning into nightmares for those who don’t have access to the basic facilities. NGOs are giving a helping hand to all those people, but they are also subjected to limitations.

There are a lot of times that the NGOs fall short of the funds that are required to provide the basic necessities. Although the government is determined on giving free ration and food grains to the people, some facilities, such as medical help or basic hygiene kits, are protected from the COVID-19.

To help the people in these tough times, the NGOs accept donations from different people around the globe. At this point where people are not subjected to stepping out of their home concerning their safety, digital payments are becoming a blessing in disguise. A lot of people around the globe have been donating to the NGOs to support them financially and keep them going.

With the current scenario in the world plagued by poverty, conflicts, hunger and rising Covid pandemic, nonprofits are on their feet to address these issues. This expands its work across various regions to make the maximum impact. Technology is a powerful enabler for social change and its role cannot be ignored in the present century. For the nonprofits to make a greater impact and effect in their social cause, the Donor box i.e, a donation software platform for Nonprofits program stands as one of the best options in the industry.

In a recent chat with Raviraj Hegde, the Growth Director at Donorbox said “We are delighted to announce our presence in India. We want to open our office here in Bangalore and help as many Indian nonprofits as possible in this pandemic to overcome. As India is adapting with digital payments, it’s a great time for nonprofits to start accepting online donations.

Donorbox’s aim is to not face technology barriers when helping others. To solve this, It has built Donorbox so that every nonprofit can raise donations online with ease. It is a powerful fundraising software that is super simple to set up and attracts more recurring donors. Start fundraising with a fast, optimized donation payment system in 15 minutes.

Donorbox follows a series of steps to collect the NGOs in time which are as follows:

  1. Donorbox uses a safe and secure online payment system equipped with SSL/TLS and PCI compliance.
  2.   Donorbox is known to create quick links for the various events organised by the NGOs. They always use their page builder app and host any number of campaigns. 
  3. The Donorbox is really hassle-free; it comes with a zero setup fee and no maintenance cost. The concerned NGOs can simply sign up on Donorbox for free. Once the registration process is over, they are given access to collect the payments in less time.
  4.  Donorbox also offers quick payment links that can be embedded and redirected to their NGOs official website. This enables the donors to submit their payments hassle-free and securely to the concerning cause.

There are huge numbers of fundraising professionals who have turned to Donorbox to raise more than $300 Million in donations and are still counting. From nonprofits to churches, organizations have launched online campaigns on behalf of a variety of causes using the company’s donation platform. 

In addition, with the great features that come with the software, Donorbox also helps them engage with donors, in turn helping nonprofits achieve fundraising goals. If you are an Indian NGO and want to raise funds, try signing up for Donorbox at Donorbox.org for free.

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