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    Dorf Ketal Chemicals of India, and TriBonds Chemical Co. of KSA, announce JV to manufacture process and water specialty chemicals, for the regional refining, petrochemicals, and industrial applications

    Published on September 21, 2021

    Dorf Ketal Chemicals India Pvt Ltd. and TriBonds Chemical Co. have announced a Joint Venture to manufacture and market process and water specialty chemicals, for use in refining, petrochemicals and industrial processing applications in the Middle East.

    Dubai : Dorf Ketal Chemicals India Pvt Ltd. a company headquartered in Mumbai, India; and TriBonds Chemical Co., of Dammam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have announced a Joint Venture to manufacture and market process and water specialty chemicals for applications within the Middle East refining and petrochemical industry. The JV will focus on meeting the energy and water management and processing needs of refineries, petrochemicals, fuel additives, plastics, lubricants, oil field chemicals, catalysts and adsorbents.

    Overcoming the constraints imposed on global trade and joint ventures, by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the announcement by the two companies marks an important development towards empowering innovation in this highly specialized space, within the Middle East market. The JV leverages the complementary strengths of the two entities, to satisfy growing industry demands to enhance critical applications, such as Drag Reducing Agents for pipeline applications, Clean Fuels, Coke Retarders for the petrochemical industry, and Green Retarders for Styrene production.

    The coming together of the two companies will have a particularly far-reaching impact, given the critical need for energy and water conservation in the region; as well as being an opportunity for both entities to expand operations, and implement breakthrough innovations.

     “This new JV is critical for the development and growth of Dorf Ketal in the region, and allows us to collaborate with a valued partner, and contribute to the exciting vision for a future-ready, dynamic, KSA economy” said Mr. Sudhir Menon, Chairman and Managing Director for Dorf Ketal. “The regional experience, capabilities, and strengths of Tribonds Chemical Co., will enhance Dorf Ketal’s ability to contribute to the growth and development of the Saudi Arabia Hydrocarbon Industry; while bringing innovative approaches to solving the critical industry issues of Flow Assurance, Plant Integrity, Energy and Water Conservation. This JV will deliver high-quality services and products for our valued customers, not only within Saudi Arabia, but other markets in the region as well”.

    The Joint Venture will actively contribute to the KSA’s Vision 2030 initiative, by increasing the use of local raw materials, and creating employment opportunities within the Kingdom. The technology localization, resulting from the JV, will also enhance workforce development, in alignment with Saudi Aramco’s In-Kingdom Total Value Add program (IKTVA).

    Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulhadi Al-Qahtani, Chairman TriBonds Chemical Co., reiterated the Joint Venture’s positive impact on the region’s refining and petrochemical industry, and sustainability goals. “The new JV brings in proven, patented innovation and technologies, in water and process applications, to the region; in addition to decades of a global experience and expertise”, he elaborated.

     “A secure supply of specialty chemicals is extremely vital for the major refineries and petrochemicals operations in the region. The new entity will enhance sustainability in operations, by localizing the manufacturing footprint at Dammam 2nd Industrial City; in line with the industry’s social responsibility commitments. It will also contribute to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initiative, and help meet the petrochemical industry’s environmental commitments, across the MENA region”.