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  • Downgrading Indoor air quality in the country is hitting disturbing levels

    Published on December 25, 2018

    New Delhi : Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution provider, Bonphul Air Products helps you breathe easy with Oxymax, India’s first—and the world’s second—oxygen optimizer for buildings.

    As per a recent study published in The Lancet Planetary Health journal  “A large part of India’s population would have lived seven months longer and contributed over a thousand healthy life years to the economy if it wasn’t exposed to high household air pollution levels in 2017.

    Another study conducted on the impact of air pollution on death and the disease burden in India for 2017 as a part of India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative’s, indicated that roughly 50% of the country’s population is reliant on solid fuels such as wood, dung, agricultural residue, coal and charcoal for cooking and heating. This leads to household air pollution and impacts life expectancy and can cause acute lower respiratory tract infections, ischaemic heart disease, strokes and cataracts, among others. The study also pointed out that exposure to PM2.5 pollutants in the kitchen can often be 10 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels.

    Commenting on the uncontrolled Air Pollution engulfing the country, Mr. Prodyut Bora, CEO, Bonphul Air Products said,  “With the current situation triggering the alarm button, people have understood that outdoor pollution is terms of smog, soot, greenhouse gases, soil fuels used for cooking and heating and other top air pollutants are affecting their health. But what most of us are unaware of is the indoor air pollution. And this is a serious health hazard today especially as it is a major cause of respiratory ailments, asthma, allergies, and other long-term breathing and health problems. People should be aware that staying indoors does not mean the air they are breathing is safe.

    Considering the fact that our indoor air is most often worse than outdoor air, our immune system gets barely any rest at all! An overworked immune system progressively gives away with the result that we soon get afflicted with all kinds of diseases.

    As a solution to overcome the current problem of indoor air pollution we have come out with a solution that will let you breathe Mountain Fresh air at home and workplace. Bonphul Air Products, the developer of OxyMax, India’s first—and the world’s second—oxygen optimizer with an integrated air purifier will give the users filtered air, enriched with oxygen.

    Oxymax is a product idea that has come from our customers and is ideal for the Indian market. Until now stand alone air purifiers certainly cleaned particulate matter inside a room, but keeping a room closed too long caused the problem of suffocation. However, if one were to open one’s door or window to let fresh air in, along with fresh air comes dust and pollution, negating the earlier work of the air purifier. Hence we decided to come up with a machine that combined—the air purifier and the oxygen optimize. We are proud that in today’s scenario we are able to offer our customers just what they wanted.”