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    Dr. Aruna Kalra organised a Run for Moms on the Occasion of International Happiness Day

    Published on March 23, 2021

    Gurugram: On the occasion of International Happiness Day, Dr. Aruna Kalra, senior gynaecologist and Obstetrician at CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram, organised a run for moms ‘Run for Happiness’ on Sunday, 21st March, 2021. Total 30 mothers participated in the run and the main motto of this event was to attain happiness through fitness as good health keeps women mentally and physically rejuvenated for herself and her family.

    During the event, Dr. Aruna Kalra said, “A healthy and fit body is the ultimate key to happiness. I believe that a healthy mom is a happy mom and this was the best day to start working on ourselves and attain sheer happiness. We, the women, took the pledge that we are the captains of our ship and will maintain a healthy lifestyle to always stay mentally and physically happy and spread happiness all around us.”

    The route of the marathon started from the Nirvana Courtyard. Three distances were available – 1 km marathon, 3 km marathon and 5 km marathon. A one-kilometre loop included a run from Nirvana Courtyard to Sylvan trails and back. The runners had to run or walk the same loop 1/3/5 times to complete the respective distances. 

    Pregnancy and post-delivery are one of the biggest transitions in a girl’s life. It is a phase of psychological and physiological change in a tremendous way. Women are often ignorant about many new changes happening to them and they need to know much more from peer groups. Keeping all this in mind, Dr. Aruna started a ‘Mother’s Support Group’ on WhatsApp a long time ago and as the number of participants kept increasing, she created a Facebook group. The group has rookie and veteran moms to share each other’s experience and help one another to sail through the transition from girl to mom. Dr. Aruna keeps organising events to boost women in every aspect of life.