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  • Saturday, May, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:35:03
  •  Bengaluru : The Institution of Engineering and Technology  India will host a Presidential Address by Dr. Gopichand Katragadda on 6-Nov at the Grand Ballroom Room, Four Seasons. This unique event will bring together industry leaders, innovators, and aspiring engineers to celebrate Indian engineering.

    The event will also feature a roundtable discussion on the theme “New Energies for a New India” and the announcement of the winners of the IET India Awards and the IET Future Tech Awards. The discussion will focus on cutting-edge solutions for renewable energy generation, harnessing the potential of wastewater, the role of hydrogen in energy transition, renewable energy for mobility, and leveraging artificial intelligence for enhanced efficiency in energy generation, distribution, and utilization. This discussion will serve as a platform for thought leaders and experts in the energy sector to share their insights on the energy landscape of India.

    The key highlight of the event is the presidential address on ‘Charting the Course for Engineers in India: AI for a resilient future” by Dr Gopichand Katragadda, technology veteran and recently appointed Global President of the IET. Dr Katragadda is the first Indian to assume this role. Speaking on his address, Dr. Gopichand Katragadda says, “As India stands on the cusp of a transformative leap, it is imperative to double our energy generation, agricultural productivity, transport infrastructure, healthcare accessibility, and digital penetration. The advent of AI is poised to be a significant catalyst in these sectors. In my capacity as the global president of IET, I am committed to fostering innovation and excellence, with a particular focus on Ethical Data and Ethical AI. My tenure will be dedicated to empowering engineers with the necessary resources and knowledge to ethically leverage artificial intelligence, thereby creating a harmonious fusion of human creativity and technological advancements. My talk will underscore the transformative potential of AI across various industries in its role to sustainably enhance human health and comfort”.

    Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India, says, “Driven by our emphasis on both innovation and skill, the IET is well-positioned to shape the future of engineering and technology, especially in India. In essence, the IET acts as an agent of change so that even modern professionals like engineers, scientists, and visionary people have their say and play their roles even as things continue to change. This year, under Dr Katragadda’s leadership, we look forward to the IET’s renewed focus on emerging technologies, especially AI, and how we can change the engineering landscape in India.”

    The final announcement of the winners of the IET India Awards and IET Scholarship Award 2024 will mark the event’s conclusion. The IET India Awards recognise changemakers and pioneers in engineering and technology in the Indian ecosystem who have made a difference in the areas of Future Tech, the Future of Work, and Mobility and Transportation. The IET India Scholarship Award seeks to empower and encourage the next generation of innovators and leaders in engineering, who aspire to change the world.


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