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  • Dr Madhuri Agarwal of Yavana Aesthetics guides people to keep a proper maintenance after a Botox ,Filler or Threadlift treatment

    Published on June 21, 2021

    Aesthetic beauty treatments that are popular today come with several pros and cons. And above all finding the right Doctor who would guide throughout and even after the process is essential. Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, the woman behind Yavana Aesthetics Clinic is one Doctor who can be relied upon when it comes to such treatments. She has  a humongous experience in beauty treatment of botox, filler, threadlift etc. She has gotten her degrees and diploma from  well known  colleges in the country. 

    Any beauty aesthetic  treatment has various pros and cons with it. The patients need to research well and only then go through it. These are not permanent yet with proper care can be handled well. Dr. Madhuri says that they work towards the anti ageing that patients may go through in their near future. The apparatus that they use in the treatments are international standards approved and hence totally safe for the procedure. 

    While discussing about the treatments, she stressed on the maintenance of them. She says, “It is very important to maintain. I advise my patients a proper routine to be used to sustain the treatments results for a long time. I also recommend them to visit every 3 months to get a maintenance session  done, so the skin stays glowing. It’s important to follow a pattern later. Else the fillers and botox would wear off before time and the original skin would be re-instilled. After all it’s your face, and no-one would love to play with it unnecessarily.”