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    Dr. Sohini Sastri: The Naturally Gifted Astrologer of International Reputation

    Published on January 8, 2021

    There’s a general saying that it is all in the stars or that the stars can predict a lot about all aspects of a person’s life. When someone can precisely forecast that something bad or good is going to happen in your personal or professional lives, then why not get some accurate predictions about your career, love life, marriage and a lot more? 

    Life doesn’t give many chances – just a single mistake can prove highly expensive. It’s better to consult an expert astrologer for remedies. When we talk of naturally gifted astrologers who can precisely predict, Dr. Sohini Sastri is the first name that comes across our mind. This world-renowned astrologer’s firm belief is – “Our present life is directly influenced by our own ‘karmas’ or actions in the past and the problems in our life can only be solved by keeping a check on our present actions.

    Dr. Sohini Sastri: The Internationally Acclaimed Astrologer 

    Dr. Sohini Sastri (a.k.a. Sohini Ghosh) is a consultant astrologer of global reputation from Kolkata. She holds a D. litt. in Astrology from National American University in addition to a Doctorate in Astrology from Victoria Global University. 

    A Childhood Interest That Served as the Ladder to Success

    Dr. Sastri’s interest in astrology is not something that cropped up out of nowhere. It sparked from her childhood interest in spirituality. She had been used to reading the Bhagavad Gita and Vedas as a child. 

    When she completed her schooling, she used to buy and read astrology books based on which she used to predict the future of her friends and relatives. When most of these predictions turned out to be true, she developed further interest in the subject. She started understanding the prominence it had in our lives. Today, she strongly says that all the events in a person’s life are controlled by the positions of the stars and planets.

    Dr. Sastri’s Expertise

    Dr. Sohini Sastri is one of the leading astrologers in Kolkata. She counsels her clients for hours together encouraging them to figure out the best ways to deal with their problems. Besides astrology, she has also mastered many subjects like palmistry, numerology, and vastu shastra. She is an active member of Astrological Research Project, Astro Medical Research Centre and Asian Astrologer of Congress.


    Dr. Sastri has many remarkable national and international awards to her credit for her social and professional initiatives. 

    • She was honoured with the prestigious ‘Champion of Change’ award by Hon’ble Shri Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of India, in the year 2018. 
    • She was also felicitated with the ‘Brilliance Award’ by Hon’ble Baby Rani Maurya, the Governor of Uttarakhand.
    • She received the ‘Pride of Nation’ award by Shri Rajnath Singh, the Hon’ble Defence Minister.
    • She has been bestowed with the ‘Best Astrologer of the Year’ award by Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, Hon’ble Union HRD Minister at the Indian Achievers Award ceremony.

    The contemporary world that we live in today is surrounded by scepticism about astrology, but Dr. Sastri is undeterred by these detractors. Even though she has many enviable achievements in her kitty, she is humble and down to earth. She says – “I sincerely wish to help as many people possible with the ancient science that astrology is and transform their lives for a better and prosperous future.”