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Dr Varun Gupta & Dr Naresh Malhotra along with their team celebrates New Year 2022 with Destitute Children, less privileged and Elderly

Continuing on its vision of noble achievements by helping the needy, NGO VQENA team visited Jansharnam on Thursday(30-December-2021) for distributing sweets, biscuits and warm clothes to destitute children and elderly needy people. VQENA team took part in this enthralling charity with great enthusiasm. As Dr. Varun Gupta, who is a renowned educationist and humanitarian said, “Life is a matter of privilege because while some live a life of luxury, some just fail to even meet the ends of life. It is our duty as human beings and Indian citizens that we help each other to grow and thrive.” This visit was organized by the Directors of VQENA, Dr. Naresh Malhotra & Dr. Varun Gupta, to mark the beginning of the New Year 2022 with fulfilling a noble cause. Dr. Naresh Malhtora said while sharing the vision of VQENA, “We established VQENA with an aim to help the deserving but deprived and also for extending the maximum possible support to other orphanages & NGOs. We do not wish or deviate towards unethical means just to gain publicity or making money. Rather we do social work for the satisfaction of joy of giving and fulfilling our CSR responsibilities.”

Dr Varun Gupta and his team members spent the whole day there interacting with each and every child present there and it was a pleasurable experience. The team got an insight into the various activities they engage in on daily basis. The children performed dance on various peppy songs which was really appreciable. They also recited beautiful poems. A few of the children sang songs also. They had prepared New Year Cards for VQENA Team Members. It was nice to see their creativity and their inclination towards learning. Later, VQENA team enjoyed the cake-cutting ceremony with the children and the ladies present there. It was so soothing to see them eating the cake and smiling. VQENA Team clicked many photographs and selfies with children and teachers. They also shared snacks and refreshment with them. Students sung songs and shared with everybody some interesting stories and incidents. The team enjoyed the whole charity event a lot.Members and Teachers of the NGO supported the team a lot. Atmosphere there was well disciplined and awesome with very good hearted and thoughtful people around.

Dr. Varun Gupta told the reporters, “Education is important to children because education helps children learn how to think critically, it enhances their creativity and imagination, it exposes them to new ideas, and it helps the children find the path to a career that they wish to pursue as an adult. Children learn most not by hearing, but by seeing and experiencing. Every child is a bundle of energy which requires focus and direction.”

The least recognized, most important people in this world are the educators. They must work hard toward inventing a method to help each individual student ‘Be all they can be!’ Teachers must try to stimulate students to create a hunger for learning and to expand their success in life. Teacher should be obligated to the need for the student’s individuality. To be able to teach targeting to the students’ needs will make a difference not only in the children but also in the future of our society. ‘Today’s students are tomorrow’s future’said by Dr. Varun Gupta.

Dr. Naresh said that VQENA will organize more such visits to various other NGOs as well. Very soon VQENA will organize a Talent Hunt program for these kids becauseamong these kids there might be hidden the future rockstars of India. “We may find the next generation’s best musicians, dancers, sports athletes among these destitute children.” He Said. As the world education is changing with the technical advancements and global incidents such as covid, there is an urgent need to extend support to these kids so that they are not left behind. It is important that education reaches these destitute students in newer ways so that these children are prepared for the future. He added that everybody has some talent. Nobody is an expert in everything, but everybody is good at something and may improve the gifts and talent they have. Talent includes some obvious things like obtaining good grades, getting musical skills, painting, singing and dancing or become a fine athlete. Children builds a real sense of self-esteem from things they provide rather than the things they receive. VQENA will help them to develop their talents and provide them with the opportunities of making a contribution to other’s good using those talents and build self-esteem. It also sets the foundation for these kids of being an all-time contributor to the society.

Apart from the sumptuous treat, VQENA Team shared its love & affection with the kids. This experience made the children extremely happy.

This visit at Jansharnam was an unforgettable lesson in caring and sharing. The visit was a great experience and it is rightly said by Dr. Varun that it is charity with brings out the real pure form of you from within you. Charity makes you a better human being. VQENA team really cherished this visit as it marked a greatly positive start to the new year.

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