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  • Monday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:50:30
  •  Hyderabad: Dreamtime Learning Hub, the pioneering micro-schooling hub in Hyderabad, continues to make waves in the educational landscape. Founded by renowned educationist Ms. Lina Ashar, the hub has swiftly garnered attention and acclaim for its innovative approach to education. Dreamtime Learning Hub recently organized a press meet in Hyderabad to showcase its success and vision for the future.

    The event was aimed at highlighting the remarkable one-year journey of Dreamtime Learning Hub and the successful significance established for alternative schooling in transforming the educational landscape of Hyderabad. Additionally, the discussion also focussed on elevating the awareness of Dreamtime Learning Hub’s cutting-edge methodologies and transformative technologies, particularly through immersive experiences provided at Makerspace.

    Micro-schooling, a concept gaining traction in the Indian market, offers a hyper-personalized curriculum within a community-based setting. With a smaller student-teacher ratio and a focus on tailored learning experiences, micro-schooling caters to the growing demand for flexible education options. Dreamtime Learning Hub has emerged as a leader in this space, providing parents with a platform to co-create personalized educational journeys for their children. Since its inception, Dreamtime Learning Hub has witnessed remarkable growth, boasting a substantial increase in student enrollment and educators.

    Ms. Lina Ashar, Founder of Dreamtime Learning Hub, expressing her thoughts about the event, said, “Today’s meet was an essential platform for us to share our journey and vision with the community. Our theme ‘From Macaulay to Micro-Schools: Crafting the Future of Education with Lessons from the Past’ blends perfectly with our set vision. Dreamtime Learning Hub stands at the forefront of redefining education in India. Through immersive experiences like this, we aim to create awareness about our transformative approach, emphasizing the importance of hyper-personalized curriculum, collaboration and social-emotional learning. I believe education should be a life-changing experience that allows students to discover their passions, reach their full potential and positively impact the world around them. Through our cutting-edge educational initiatives, we’re disrupting traditional educational models and helping students of all ages succeed in the digital world. This is a transition from transactional education to transformational education.”

    Dreamtime Learning Hub’s success in Hyderabad has paved the way for future expansion. The company aims to replicate its model in other academic hubs such as Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Delhi. Anticipating further growth, the company expects an increase in enrolment at its Hyderabad hub in the next session.

    With its aesthetic design and focus on collaboration, Dreamtime Learning Hub provides an exclusive community where parents can co-create alongside their children in an engaging environment. At the core of Dreamtime Learning Hub’s approach is a multi-faceted educational philosophy that combines multimedia content, hands-on experiences, and in-person coaching to foster holistic learning and skill development. The hub’s unique blend of technology and experiential learning has garnered praise from parents and educators alike.

    Dr N Aruna Rao, Principal/Hub Champ, Dreamtime Learning Hub, said, “I am excited to spearhead Dreamtime Learning Hub continuing the remarkable legacy of Ms. Lina Ashar’s 35 years of dedication. With the first micro-schooling hub, we bring the true spirit of personalized, blended, fast & flexible and technology-enabled learning engagement to our learners. Witnessing the joy of parents and their discussions about our innovative approach fills me with excitement. The transformation we bring to education in Hyderabad through our micro-school model is substantial, and I am eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead”.


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