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Drift into music with Masala Coffee – Live in Concert at Phoenix Marketcity

Enjoy a showcase of alternative rock and folk music as performed by Masala Coffee

Bengaluru : You are invited for a taste of Masala Coffee, the best brew of music in India. Masala Coffee is an ensemble of 9 songwriters, artists, and dreamers who are on a journey to harness India’s rich musical and artistic heritage. Their aim is to create a mix of independent contemporary and global music. You can hear them perform Live in Concert at Phoenix Marketcity, Bengaluru

Masala and coffee are as different as they could possibly be. However, put them together in the world of music, and a scene where a band of music magicians churn out pure bliss, one might even say music to one’s ears. Masala Coffee is known for its alternative folk and rock music. Their first performance was part of the Hyderabad Arts Festival. The question on everybody’s mind since the beginning has been the motivation behind the band’s name. Lead vocalist Sooraj Santosh can scarcely remember the number of times they have been asked about it. “There is no story,” he smiles. “There is nothing like a ‘masala coffee’, like a masala chai that has aromatic spices and herbs and brings the diversity, we play alternative rock and folk in our shows; we also play club covers. The numbers are in different genres. The name ‘Masala Coffee’ goes with the music we play as a band.”

Event Details:

Event: “Masala Coffee” Live in Concert at Phoenix Marketcity, Bengaluru

Date: 21st May  2022

Location: Courtyard – Phoenix Marketcity

Time: 06.00 Pm on wards

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