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  • Durgesh Dhaker Shares 5 Proven Tips For Digital Marketing Strategy

    Published on May 13, 2021

    Durgesh Dhaker is one such Digital Entrepreneur who used his expertise in creating an effective social media crusade. He has been obliging many well-known personalities with his skills and helped them create an impact on society.

    Coming from a small town, he has already faced many ups and downs in his life. But his cheerful nature and hard-working attitude carved a path for his success. After completing his studies, he took up the initiative to set up his venture. And here, he Shares 5 Proven Tips For Digital Marketing Strategy to play with social media for various politicians and social workers and grow them in the right direction.

    Durgesh Dhaker is belongs from Rajasthan has gained good exposure in social media and has great plans to work in the political domain, thus emerging as a ray of hope for many who want support and help to authorize in their lives. Durgesh Dhaker is going great guns as far as social media is concerned.

    Durgesh Dhaker’s 5 Digital Marketing Strategy Tips:

    1. Start with Quality Web And Mobile Sites:

     It is essential to have both quality web and mobile sites in today’s competitive world. It’s not sufficient to have an excellent website anymore when 51% of internet browsing is done on mobile devices. Mobile web design ought to be responsive and straightforward, with larger links to account for customers using their fingers to click.

    2. Boost Your Site For Local Search Or Local SEO:

     Make it easy for customers to find your business by clearly listing your business address. Include directions from major highways and a link to your location on Google Maps to ensure your customers know where you’re located.

    3. Maintain a Social Media Presence:

     Most small business owners understand how essential social media is, but it is very easily ignored in busy times. According to Mr Durgesh Dhaker, one of the keys to maintaining your social media presence is being realistic about your social media time. Customers will not find an out-of-date social media page helpful. If you only have time to maintain one account, choose a platform that makes it logical for your business and commit to a regular posting schedule. It’s important to post every day, focused, and engaging content for your customers, so they begin to consider your business an active and helpful source of information.

    4. Manage Your Online Image:

     To present a positive image to customers, you must continually work so sure that your online reputation is favorable. In addition to maintaining your social media accounts, you will also need to claim and monitor your business listing on review sites such as Google Maps and Yelp, his the most important part of your Online Reputation Management.

    5. Targeted Advertising:

     Once you have web and mobile sites and social media accounts set up, you can drive traffic to your site through targeted web advertising. Google AdWords and several social media platforms provides simple pay-per-click advertising tools for businesses. Using these tools, you can target your preferred demographic and stretch your marketing budget further.

    Durgesh Dhaker is going great as far as social media is concerned and here his help to attain success by sharing 5 Digital Marketing Strategy Tip will be helpful.