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  • Dvara E-Registry and Samunnati Partner to Provide Services to Farmers and FPOs

    Published on August 25, 2021

    Hyderabad: Dvara E-Registry has announced a new partnership with Agri value chain solutions provider Samunnati Financial Intermediation and Services Private Limited. Through this partnership, Samunnati and Dvara E-Registry will jointly leverage both the organisations’ reach, expertise and resources to provide an array of productive and profitable financial and technological services to the FPOs and farmers associated with them.

    Samunnati will be using Dvara E-Registry’s Doordrishti platform to provide FPOs specialised services that includes digital monitoring of farm operation for farmers and crop analytics. Dvara E-Registry will provide Doordrishti’s farm analytics – KhetScoreTM and KhetScore Now for identified FPOs associated with Samunnati. Dvara E-Registry will provide its services to Samunnati as a Business Correspondent, helping the organisation facilitate formal agricultural loans to the farmers of the FPOs with which Dvara E-Registry works. In addition, Samunnati shall also extend financial solutions to FPOs that Dvara E-Registry works with.

    Speaking about the partnership, Sanjay Mansabdar, Founder and CEO of Dvara E-Registry, said, “We are delighted with this partnership with Samunnati and believe that our complementary skillsets will allow us to bring the best of breed products and services to farmers and FPOs that both organisations work with.”

    Anil Kumar SG, Founder and CEO at Samunnati, said, “Samunnati is working with FPOs on the supply side and Agri Enterprises on the demand side across 22 states in India. We are delighted to partner with Dvara E-Registry. Doordrishti platform will enable us to offer customised financial solutions to FPOs. Analytics tool KhetScore would strengthen our credit underwriting and monitoring process. This partnership is aligned to our mission of ‘Making markets work for smallholder farmers.’”

    Doordrishti, the mobile and web-based platform developed by Dvara E-Registry, allows farmers, FPOs and partner institutions to leverage traditional and alternative data to digitise farmer and FPO lands, business activity and provide them farm and crop-specific products and services. KhetScore, an AI-based farm score developed by Dvara E-Registry, leverages remotely sensed data from several satellites and enables remote multi-dimensional assessment of both historical and concurrent agricultural activity.  KhetScore Now is a farm report on the performance of land plots on a real-time basis. It is designed by collecting real-time data to provide primary and secondary information to monitor crops and plots remotely.


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