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E-Waste Art Gallery at Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway for World Environment Day 2022

 In celebration of World Environment Day, and in an effort to create awareness around e-waste, Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway will be setting up an e-waste art gallery by renowned artist and designer, Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere, whose main focus is creating interesting art forms through e-waste. The installations will be on display for a period of ten days beginning 4th June 2022. Through this, he aims to raise awareness about electronic scrap and bring an emotional connect between people and e-waste and abandoned technology devices. He has exhibited his work at international conferences and has gained repute as a designer and environmentalist. Orion Mall @Brigade Gateway will showcase more than 20 art installations at a designated place in the mall. The installations are made up of e-waste such as keyboard keys, CPUs, Hard Drives, PCB boards, LED Boards, cables etc. A two-day workshop on e-waste management has also been organised at Orion Mall Brigade Gateway on 11th and 12th June 2022 by Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere.

“Through this initiative, we aim to create awareness about how e-waste can be upcycled or recycled and also promotes proper disposal. We have also made provisions for a workshop with Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere on 11th and 12th June 2022 on how to transform scrap e-waste into masterpieces. Registration can be done through Orion Mall’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Our aim is not only to create awareness about e-waste management but also to promote upcycling and conversion of e-waste into purposeful objects.” said Sunil Munshi, VP Retail, Orion Malls, Brigade Group.

“Our planet is going through an unprecedented environmental crisis caused by global warming. As a designer and art enthusiast, I create eco-artworks to generate awareness about the environment and to help the viewer forge a connection between art, technology and sustainability thereby bringing to their attention the environmental impact of technology. Every year, production and demand for new devices and models increase, and as a result, more e-waste is generated. This waste ends up in landfills, exacerbating environmental issues. Upcycling is a key concept to add value to junk e-waste and will have a great impact on future generations. Upcycling could serve as an alternate and sustainable way in e-waste management.” Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere said.

Some of the installations include a 6 feet installation of Avatar 3.0 and 5 feet Kamadhenu made out of upcycled keyboard keys, 2 feet Future City made out of upcycled heat sinks, Landscape inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Deer Wall art made out of upcycled PCB and Portrait collage of Shri. Azim Premji made out of e-waste. The objective is to engage audiences in a conversation about ecological and social responsibilities, which would lead to a greener tomorrow.

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