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  • Monday, November, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:13:46
  • New York, United States, London, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Netherland and Bangalore, Karnataka, India— Eagle Conferencing announced today that Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global, integrated media company, has named Eagle Conferencing as a 2010 TMC Labs Innovation Award winner presented by Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

    “We are the first company to bring existing tool and browser technology into the audio conferencing industry to create a unique offering. It is a novel and innovative idea of merging internet and telephony for a unique niche.” stated Mr. Kent Charugundla, Founder, Eagle Conferencing. “Our collaborative toolbar plug-in with call control is further evidence of our commitment to business productivity, consumer convenience, and operating efficiency. The security, resilience, and scalability of the network help users in any workspace connect easily anytime, anywhere, using any media, device, or operating system. Eagle Conferencing services are part of a comprehensive solution that includes network infrastructure, security, and management applications”.

    Eagle Conferencing with almost 25 years of global infrastructure and operations experience over 10 billion minutes of annual calling traffic capacity, is one of the global leaders in the facility based conferencing services. The conferencing solutions provided by Eagle Conferencing have been instrumental in forming the communication backbone of the entire switching and transmission communications value chain. Eagle in its efforts to contribute towards strengthening economic and social development allows scalable and secure bridge facility that supports communication delivery structure of businesses and social institutions.

    “Eagle Conferencing Services has clearly demonstrated to the staff of TMC Labs that the Eagle Conferencing service is truly innovative in the telecom industry. This innovative product has made significant contributions in the advancement of conferencing call industry,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “We’re proud to reward this outstanding accomplishment with a TMC Labs Innovation Award this year.” Tom Keating, CTO and TMC Labs editorial director, stated, “Eagle Conferencing has proven their commitment to quality and the further development through its Eagle Conferencing. The Innovation Award exemplifies the best and the most unique products and services that this industry has to offer”. The TMC Labs Innovation Award honors products that display innovation, unique features, and significant contributions toward improving communications technology.