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  • Early Commercial eVTOL Models Need Safety Records Equal To Commercial Aviation

    Published on March 2, 2021

    Horizon Aircraft, the advanced aerospace engineering company that has developed the Cavorite X5, the world’s first eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft that can fly the majority of its mission exactly like a normal aircraft, says the early eVTOL passenger models that are used in commercial operations should have safety records equal to those in the commercial aviation sector in order to prevent accidents and fatalities.

    It says the global spotlight on the first air taxis will be sufficiently intense that any accidents and safety risks would set the industry back years in terms of passenger confidence and regulatory approval.

    Brandon Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Horizon Aircraft said: “There is much debate around the safety requirements of eVTOL aircraft, with some commentators for example, saying they should be twice as safe as driving a car, or have safety records on a par with helicopters.  The safety bar must be set much higher so that potential passengers, regulators, and other stakeholders have the highest possible levels of confidence in the first eVTOL aircraft.  This is essential to the sector reaching its full potential.”

    The Horizon Aircraft Cavorite X5 is fundamentally a normal aircraft with an additional eVTOL capability that adds safety and operational capability. Flying 98% of its mission in a configuration exactly like a normal aircraft, means discussions surrounding certification can start from a well-understood baseline. This greatly reduces risk during the process.

    On 18th February 2021, Astro Aerospace (OTCQB: ASDND), a global leader in eVTOL aerial vehicles and drones, entered a binding agreement to acquire Horizon Aircraft Inc. The transaction is expected to close on or before the beginning of 2nd Quarter pending customary closing conditions.

    Astro, a pioneer in the eVTOL market, has developed one of the safest and most efficient eVTOLs in the world. In 2018, the Company’s drone, ‘Elroy’, was one of the first to seamlessly fly with people on board. Astro continually defies traditional aviation design and the acquisition of Horizon will only push the company further, with the ability to reach greater heights working in tandem with Horizon’s exceptional team.


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