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  • Earn Money While Playing Games: Exclusive Interview With The Trace Top Team

    Published on November 10, 2022

    What is better than playing games and earning money at the same time? Well, if you think it is impossible, we have good news for you. You can now do both at the same time via Trace.

    Trace is basically location-based metaverse with AR-technology for smartphones. It is a virtual copy of the whole world’s map, where your avatar moves according to your geolocation. With the hard work of four years, the TraceX team has developed the geo metaverse app today.

    So, what is behind this project? How it is planned and how can people use it every day? What was the planning and behind the scenes development of this project?

    To get these answers, we got in touch with one of the members of the Trace team, Dmitry Korostelv, and here is the summary of the interview:

    Question 1:

    How does the Drive-to-Earn work for your audience? How is it valuable to others who don’t own a car? Explain us in detail.

    Answer: Drive-to-Earn works when player does the following:

    Buy NFT- car

    Moves with the speed above 10 km/h.

    Earns ACE token

    Without NFT cars it isn’t possible to get tokens from Drive-to-Earn. For those players, who don’t own an NFT-car there is an opportunity just to collect non-valuable game-items, which helps with upgrading but without any income. Important thing is that it isn’t necessary to move in your own car while playing. Speed higher than 10 km/h could be reached with any kind of transport, even with a bicycle. We support the activities helping the ecology, that is why we recommend to avoid using transports producing carbon dioxide emissions.

    Question 2:

    What will be the advantages of the Drive-to-Earn initiative for your audience?

    Answer: The main advantage of using Drive-to-Earn regime in Trace metaverse is that you could get income even while going to work, school, university, store, returning home using any kind of transport as a passenger. Just imagine, you are the father of a girl attending school 5 times a week. She would use transport like a bus at least 10 times & she could regularly get income just for turning Trace App on using the energy of her NFT-cars you presented her for good marks. In a few words, we give the opportunity to transform the distance you passed to money.

    Question 3:

    Tell us about your future plans with the Drive-to-Earn initiative and how is it going to help Trace.Top in the long run.

    Answer: Related to Drive-to-Earn expectations even in a year – we forecast several famous car brands, worldwide famous influencers connected to driving, carbon reducing IT-services as our partners. So, we are ready for solid steps for adopting our game to the masses. I should notice here that Drive-to-Earn is just the initial earn mechanic in the Trace metaverse. You could see in our RoadMap that we are planning to release at least 4 different game mechanics helping to earn valuable items (tokens, NFTs). If we are discussing our big goals, we really expect to be in the top of game ratings in the metaverse genre connected with project’s capitalization & with the number of active players.

    Question 4:

    What are your upcoming initiatives? Put some light on those.

    Answer: Next important event we are working on:

    1. NFT Public Sale

    2. TRC-token Pre-Sale for NFT-holders

    3. Alpha version of Trace App, the access will be given to NFT-holders

    4. TRC-token listing

    5. Beta-version of Trace App on Apps marketplaces

    We are really thankful to Dmitry Korostelv for their valuable time in answering the questions and we hope it will soon make millions of users happy with their metaverse offering.


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