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  • Monday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:35:20
  • “On this Earth Day, as we confront the theme of “Planet vs. Plastics,” let us make a pledge to ‘de-plastify’ the planet. To achieve this goal, we must firstly foster a green innovation ecosystem that nurtures alternative materials and technologies. For example, startups are already innovating with seaweed and other biodegradable resources to forge plastic alternatives. However, innovation alone isn’t enough. We need robust industry coalitions and the establishment of incubators and funds dedicated to protecting our oceans and rivers. The integration of green skills and artificial intelligence into this mission will not only accelerate our efforts but also enhance their precision and amplify their impact. Deplastification will require us to engage our young future leaders and change-makers while also mobilising capital investment and catalyzing policy reforms. Let us promise to work collectively to reshape our planet’s future and make it a healthier home for the future.”


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