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  • Earthy Tweens Expands The Women’s Saga Collection with Sustainable Fabrics

    Published on February 27, 2024

     Delhi/NCR: Earthy Tweens, a renowned sustainable lifestyle brand, expanded its most popular ‘The Women’s Saga Collection’. The collection represents Earthy Tweens’ unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical fashion practices.

    The Women’s Saga Collection portrays the essence of modern women who prioritise sustainability without compromising on style. Crafted from natural, sustainable fabrics, each outfit in the organic women collection represents elegance and comfort. From everyday casual wear to special occasion attire, The Women’s Saga Collection offers a versatile range of options designed to cater to the diverse preferences of eco-conscious consumers.

    ¬Mr. Nishant Kumar, CEO, Earthy Tweens, shared, “We aim to enhance sustainability and redefine fashion with ethics and elegance with the expansion of our The Women’s Saga Collection. We believe that fashion should not only be visually appealing but also ethically produced, using materials that are gentle on the environment. This collection aims to inspire women to make mindful fashion choices that contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.”

    The Women’s Saga Collection features a palette of soothing colours and timeless designs that resonate with the modern woman’s desire for both style and sustainability. By prioritising eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices, Earthy Tweens continues to lead the way in sustainable fashion innovation.


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