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Edtech industry experts welcome GOI decision on 12th Board Exams

The CBSE in a meeting chaired by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has finally announced that the 12th board exams ought not to be held amid the rising cases of coronavirus in our country.

In the meeting, the views from various stakeholders, including the state governments were taken into consideration, with this CBSE has put an end to the anxiety of the students & parents concerned over the future of their child as well as their safety.

The Education industry experts have welcomed the move but also feel it will have a long-lasting impact on the academic cycle.

According to Anurag Gupta, Co- founder at STEMROBO Technologies providing online education to the K- 12 students, “The rise of the pandemic has brought uncertainties over the class 12th examination. The cancellation of board exams is a welcome decision for students and families but on the same hand, it will have a long-lasting impact on the academic cycle.”

“As a result, inequality will be there, causing incompetent students to get admission in good colleges leaving behind the meritorious ones. But talking about the decision on exam cancellation will give much confidence amongst the students and also will safeguard the health and future of young pioneers,” he added.

Agreeing to the fact, Anoop Gautam, CEO and Founder at Tinker Coders imparting online education to k-12 students said, “The education ministry has taken a crucial step on the status of class 12th boards examination and announced them as ‘cancelled’ for this year. This indeed is a remarkable step as it will certainly help the students in releasing the mental stress that was piled up over a couple of months.”

“Now that the exams are cancelled, it must be a sigh of relief for the students as they were facing tremendous pressure towards the examination. There is no such update over the marking criterion, but students will be able to appear for the examinations willingly if they might not be satisfied with their results as per the marking criteria to be announced by the government. Giving them an option to appear for the examination is again a praiseworthy decision, as all the students who have been preparing for the examination day and night, will get an opportunity to showcase their talent and will also provide an opportunity to the students who have been scoring low in their pre-boards but they must be fully prepared by now to appear for the examinations and score good marks.” Mr Gautam added. 

CBSE has stated that students would be evaluated on criteria of well defined objectives. They would also get an option of appearing for the examinations later if they are not satisfied with their marks. It is believed that the objective criteria according to CBSE may include a combination of internal scores as well as a weighted average of marks scored in classes 9,10 and 11.  

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