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  • Education and a Coin! What certification do you need

    Published on December 19, 2019

    LECTERA, a revolutionary solution for e-learning tools worldwide! 

    Lectera is a global e-learning platform with 3 headquarters:  

    Miami, Dubai and Moscow, and a worldwide-based team.
    Unique approach to program development. Our courses are not created by a single author, no matter how successful or famous. Instead, we employ an entire team of experienced meteorologists and renowned international experts.

    Scientifically proven methods. Our Methodists are always finding and testing new approaches and formats to select the best ones for each type of education.

    Multi-language support. Education is conducted in five languages – English, Spanish, German, Russian, and Hindi. We make effective education accessible all around the globe.

    Spot on. Each client develops relevant and sought-after skills and capabilities, based on what they need to achieve their particular goals.

    Versatile + flexible. Lectera programs are based on global expertise and can be applied locally. Our graduates can achieve success by applying their acquired skills in any country in the world.

    More information:

    ‘Knowledge – skills – results’

    Lectera is an education platform for everyone who wants to create and grow their company, increase their income or make a breakthrough in their career. In a world where we can no longer justify wasting a lot of time on a useless degree, we need a new approach towards knowledge. Today, knowledge holds no power on its own – this is true only in theory. But here at Lectera we offer more than just information – you gain knowledge in your field of interest, together with the complete set of skills to achieve the results you need as quickly as possible.

    Money Education

    Using the “Money Education” principle. We show you how to:

    -Increase your income and earn more;

    -Improve the turnover of your business;

    -Quickly advance up the career ladder;

    -Outperform all your competitors on the market;

    -Start earning a passive income.

    Fast Education

    Our ‘fast education’ concept:

    -Short and memorable lessons;

    -Essential knowledge without any distractions;

    -Built-in skills practice;

    -Opportunities for immediate application of new skills.

    Today, access to rapid high-quality education offers the opportunity to improve your well-being, achieve professional growth and develop your career. Without constant education, you will fall behind and inevitably fail in today’s highly competitive world.

    Lectera was created to give everyone a chance to become a winner!

    Lectera is an online platform offering effective courses that can help you turn your life around starting from day one. Convenient on-demand courses that you can take anywhere and at any time, online coaching sessions, live seminars, and marathons are all offered primarily to equip users with the tools and skills that can rapidly improve their quality of life, increase their income, develop professional skills, build their personal brand or increase their motivation levels.

    The Lectera Mission: helping people to acquire new knowledge, transform it into skills, achieve rapid results, boost income levels and become more successful.

    We will:

    -Help to eliminate digital and educational inequality;

    -Offer an instrument that will help people of all ages to stay competitive and achieve a high level of professionalism, enabling them to quickly adapt to new business challenges;

    -Share knowledge in an effective, highly-concentrated format, to easily transform them into skills and capabilities that will create quick and tangible results.

    About CEO:

    Mila Semeshkina, CEO of LECTERA platform. Marketing expert, contemporary media market researcher, producer of educational courses. Opinion leader in personal growth and development, popular blogger. International expert in building and promoting high tech brands from scratch, achieving leading market positions. Entrepreneur.

    Mila was born in Krasnodar, Russia, on September 13, 1989. She completed her undergraduate degree at Kuban State University, followed by graduate studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University and Erickson International Academy. Semeshkina was awarded a gold medal for her studies in high school and honours degrees from KSU and MSU. She is the author of numerous scientific publications and studies in the field of media economics, with experience as a researcher and a lecturer at the leading Russian educational institution, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

    Mila started working at the age of 18. She has worked in marketing and PR for more than 10 years. She has experience promoting many major international brands on the Russian market. She has successfully managed International teams of over 50 people. Mila has worked on creating marketing communications for major projects in Switzerland, Germany, UAE and CIS countries. As a result, she has acquired tremendous experience in launching major international startups and making them profitable.

    Since 2017, Mila has shifted her focus towards entrepreneurial activities and private consulting services for major international companies in the field of marketing and building and promoting both corporate and personal brands.

    As an entrepreneur, Ms Semeshkina is currently working on building and developing Lectera, a large-scale international learning platform. In this new project, she has brought together an international team of experts, and she is personally managing and coordinating all processes related to product development, brand promotion, educational content creation and the operations of all companies within the Lectera group in the United States, Russia, UAE and Germany.