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  • Tuesday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:12:54
  • New Delhi: Eggoz Nutrition, one of India’s leading egg brands, has brought a new-age egg farming business model, “Pragati Poultry Model”, into the egg layer sector with the aim of encouraging a healthy egg industry and paving the way for small farmers to begin their venture in this industry without countering any obstacles.

    Through Pragati Poultry Model, Eggozaims to simplify egg farming in India. It will assist farmers who want to start a farm but do not have adequate financial and technical support. Eggoz claims that they will offer them comprehensive assistance and instruction on operating the farm successfully.

    According to Mr AbhishekNegi, Co-founder of Eggoz, “Usually, the investment required to setup a farm of 10k birds is close to INR 1Cr, and it is not feasible for small scale farmers to pump in such investments. We have introduced a small scale model for farmers with an investment budget of 3-4 lakhs only. We have work with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and ICICI Foundation to bring capital to interested farmers.”

    “For a new farmer, we provide them complete hand-holding and training on how to run the farm. Since Feed is not available in small quantities in last mile for small farmers, we supply feed to all our farmers and provide them purchase guarantee of all the egg produce. Herein Farmers do not face any hassles related to working capital which are solved by us” Uttam Kumar, co-founder of Eggoz added.

    While inquiring about the other key benefits of Pragati Poultry Model to farmer, Aditya Singh, Co-founder Eggoz, said, “We buy the entire produce giving them assurance of money and pay digitally directly to their bank accounts. We also help them with pullets – birds that start laying eggs from day one.We track the entire process through Pragati Farmer App and IOT devices to monitor bird health and feed control. Our doctor team visits them regularly to tackle any problems.”

    Through a fully supported integration approach, Eggoz Nutrition works directly with farmers, guaranteeing that only natural herbal feed is fed to the birds and utilising IoT and tech platforms. Farmers that work with Eggoz make has high as two times better bottom line compared to industry standards.

    Eggoz claims that they never compromise with the quality standards and deliver eggs that are safer and healthier because of the eleven tests they go through.

    “The motive behind this business model, the “Pragati Poultry Model”, is to promote and produce higher-quality eggs while simultaneously contributing to the improvement of our farmer’s livelihoods. We feel that this business model will increase egg production in India, assisting in the promotion of healthy egg production while also providing more job opportunities for farmers,” explained by Negi. 


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