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  • Saturday, April, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:20:06
    • Eloelo app that has over 2 Million downloads saw massive participation with over 20,000 live users in a single minute and record-breaking engagement during the live event hosted by Sapna Choudhary, a Big Boss celebrity.
    • The New Year Live Event also saw a record number of users sending more than 15,000 virtual gifts to the Bigg boss star.

    Bangalore – Eloelo, creator-led social gaming & live streaming platform, had launched a live-interactive event featuring Big Boss fame Sapna Choudhary for New Year. The Live-streaming platform witnessed record-breaking engagement with over 20,000 Users attending the Live event online, over 200,000+ comments, and 15,000+ virtual gifts sent by fans to Sapna.

    Sapna Choudhary, popularly known as “Desi Queen” from Haryana, has a huge fan base in India, especially around Delhi NCR. She is most famous for being a contestant on Bigg Boss 11.

    “Sapna Choudhary also launched the official ‘#EloeloPeMilo’ anthem on Instagram, which was adopted by over 1500 creators in reels. This is very exciting as we’re looking to introduce Trends/Campaigns soon for Live hosts on Eloelo”, said Yash Bhatnagar, Head of Product at Eloelo.

    The unique format of this live show enabled users to comment in real-time and request Sapna to perform on their favourite songs. ‘Teri Aaakhya Ka Yo Kajal’ topped the list. The team also observed an interesting fan-war between her super fans outbidding each other with the most expensive gifts on the platform (Ferrari, Taj Mahal, Diamonds) – while a ‘Rose’ was the most popular among the crowd.

    “I enjoyed the Live show, and it was frankly a very new experience for me to see so many comments from fans every minute. During the pandemic, such Live events are a great way for someone like me to connect with fans and also play a game or do a performance”, says Sapna Choudhary.

    1-year-old Live Streaming & Gaming App Eloelo has quickly crossed 2.2 million users on the app. Launched in September 2020 by 2 ex-Flipkart executives, Saurabh Pandey & Akshay Dubey, it has consistently featured in the top 10 apps on Google Playstore. The app has seen a massive surge in users in the past 6 months, has grown more than 10X, and recently got featured by Inc42 as the “Top 30 Startups of India to watch out for”.

    “Eloelo re-imagines creators as Live show anchors where they can showcase their talent or just one of our many live games like Tambola, Tol Mol Ke Bol, Antakshari, etc. Be it a creator who is just starting out or a superstar performer; the app helps them take creator-fan engagement to a different level altogether. We believe the future of entertainment is ‘Live’ & ‘Interactive’. Indigenous entertainment combined with gaming is a great way for creators to connect with the audiences of Bharat & we are just getting started”, said Saurabh, Founder & CEO of Eloelo.

    The team is now looking forward to expanding its in-house game portfolio to include video-based games – where users can come live on the stage – including Dumbcharades and Antakshari.


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