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  • Embrace Sustainable Luxury with OG&co’s Latest High-Street Fashion Collection: Thy Earth Summit

    Published on February 19, 2024

     Mumbai : OG&Co, a newly launched sustainable clothing brand, is expanding its luxe product portfolio to include relaxed and high-street fashion silhouettes. Called ‘Thy Earth Summit’, this innovative line will keep its promise of eco-friendly wear crafted exclusively from luxury hemp, bamboo, orange peels, milk, soya and more fabrics. As sustainability evolves into a burgeoning fashion trend, this latest collection exemplifies its dedication to promoting ethical fashion and a sense of love towards the planet.

    OG&Co took shape from Urshila Rao Ganji’s intensive research, creativity and a strong inclination towards fashion. Starting with the launch of an athleisure collection, the brand is quick to expand its portfolio into a versatile range of clothing trends. The latest collection will include oversized tees, shirts, Korean-style pants and shirt sets, dresses, and blazer sets.

    Talking about the new launch, Urshila says, “Thy Earth Summit is a poetic portrayal of nature through the new era of fashion. With oversized tees, trendy co-ords and breezy dresses, we will appeal to a wide spectrum of audiences while also reflecting our responsibility towards the environment. Each piece is a testament to merging comfort, style, and sustainability seamlessly.”

    With the use of light and soft organic fabrics sourced from hemp, bamboo and beechwood, the attires guarantee comfort. The latest line is currently in production and will also have fabric sourced from orange peels. The anti-bacterial and durable quality ensures protection from UV rays, thus being a step ahead in providing a holistic style of clothing. Another set of fabric made from grass pulp and bamboo blend has moisture-wicking and insulation properties in little measure – thus enabling you to feel comfortable in it, no matter what the weather.

    The “Thy Earth Summit” collection will introduce a range of wardrobe staples that effortlessly transition from day to night, offering consumers an eco-friendly and stylish option for various occasions.


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