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EmpowerHerHealth: HCG Organizes Walkathon to Raise Awareness About Cancer & Its Impact On Women’s Health

 Mumbai: To boost the confidence of women cancer patients, HCG Cancer Centre Mumbai hosted a walkathon under the banner of #EmpowerHerHealth, in association with Nari Shakti Vandan, which is an initiative undertaken under the guidance of PM Narendra Modi. This community-driven initiative, held a week before International Women’s Day, aimed to raise awareness about cancer and its profound impact on women’s health and their journey toward healing and recovery.

The walkathon was flagged off at 6:30 AM from HCG Cancer Centre Borivali, which concluded at the YMCA Garden at 7:30 AM. MLA Ms. Manisha Ashok Chaudhary also graced the occasion to raise awareness about cancer and promote women’s empowerment. During the event, nearly 400 participants walked 3.5 kms from HCG Borivali to YMCA garden, demonstrating their unwavering support for the journey of women battling cancer. In addition, cancer survivors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and passionate advocates for women’s health also participated in the walkathon.

Upon arrival, attendees enthusiastically joined a vibrant Zumba session led by Ms. Shweta  Kakkad. The event wrapped up with the awarding of medals and certificates to winners, followed by refreshments and networking opportunities for all attendees. Before heading home, participants underwent complimentary health checkups to assess potential issues, identify risk factors, and promote preventive care. In addition, woman participants will also be given a chance to undergo mammography (above 40 years) and sonography (below 40 years) to assess their breast cancer risk.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. George Alex, Regional Business Head, Maharashtra, HCG, said “ At HCG, we are honored to lead the #EmpowerHerHealth walkathon, a vital event highlighting women’s cancer experiences and its impact on their well-being. Through community participation, we aim to educate about cancer, inspire hope, and drive meaningful change. United, we march towards awareness, support, and resilience culture that empowers women in their journey towards holistic health.”

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