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  • Empowering Farmers, Nourishing Lives: KSKT’s Pledge to a Healthier Future

    Published on April 5, 2024

     Kisaan Se Kitchen Tak (KSKT AGROMART) emerged as an initiative for change in 2020 aligning with the vision of supporting and empowering Small & Mid-size Farmers to switch over to Jaivik Farming, Create Market Linkage for them and Provide Consumers with Healthy & Immunity Building Food Produce.

    Founded by seasoned entrepreneur Santosh Srivastava an IIT Graduate & MBA who has over 25 years of experience & Young Ex-Deloitte Ishaan Hukku, KSKT not only aims to redefine our approach to Healthy food, but also plays an important role in increasing farmers’ income while promoting health, immunity, and taste.

    KSKT has successfully assisted many farmers in changing to natural farming methods, in line with the Government’s Objective of Promoting Natural Farming. The KSKT emphasises the value of jaivik farming and Vedic Processing methods, ensuring customers receive Harmful Chemical Free products promoting a healthy lifestyle and immunity.

    Under Santosh Srivastava’s leadership, KSKT implemented a Unique & innovative Syncollab Model in the agricultural value chain. This model Deploys Synergy & Collaboration among Multiple Business Initiatives promoting Cost efficiency, Higher Sales & Personalised Solutions for various Customer Segments, ensuring the Unit Economics for each Business Initiative & Creating an Economy of Scale for KSKT AgroMart Group. KSKT is a Pioneer in Deploying the “Syncollab Model” In the Agri & Food Value Chain.

    KSKT’s Unique Initiatives such as Fresh & Economical “Misfits” & “FRECO MARKETS” Under the Scheme “Aadha Daam-Dugna Fayda” ensure farmers don’t have to throw away size & size Produce because of impractical sizing norms put by Large ECOM & Retail Players and Consumers get healthy & Nutritional Products as half the price creating a two-way value.

    KSKT.IN promotes health & Immunity through Organic & Natural Food, Kazeliving.com Promotes Healthy eating among Youth with its Healthy Gourmet & Lifestyle Food Offerings, COCOKINGS By KSKT encourage Sports persons & Health Freaks to Switch to Tender Coconuts Higher Nutrients & Lesser Calories, Get Delivered Making Logistics More Efficient and Baagan-Direct Connecting Fruit Orchards to Buyers across Channel. Each Business Vertical of KSKT AgroMart is Efficiently Solving a Specific Problem in the Value Chain      

    In conclusion, Kisaan Se Kitchen Tak is more than just a Start-up; it is a movement that shares the vision of supporting Indian farmers, Making Customers eat Healthy food, Protecting the Eco System, Reducing Food wastage, and Creating Agriculture & Food Value chains more efficiently.


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