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  • Empowering Student Learning: MoE & IIT Kanpur’s SATHEE Platform Initiates Outreach to Transform Exam Preparation in KVs, NVs, and CBSE Schools

    Published on November 23, 2023

     Bangalore: The Ministry of Education and IIT Kanpur has announced the successful outreach of SATHEE, an innovative online education platform to empower the millions of students preparing for competitive exams across the country. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 and in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4. The platform was unveiled by Shri K Sanjay Murthy, Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, in an event at Shastri Bhawan in presence of other invited dignitaries Professor S. Ganesh, Officiating Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur; Shri Govind Jaiswal, Joint Secretary, Higher Education, Ministry of Education; Shri Sanjay Kumar, Hon’ble Secretary, School Education, Ministry of Education, Professor Amey Karkare, Principal Investigator, SATHEE Project, IIT Kanpur.

    SATHEE, now live, offers a comprehensive suite of resources for NEET and JEE aspirants, including video lectures from renowned faculties of IITs and IISc. The platform has commenced with its first 45-day JEE crash course, designed to provide intensive preparation and revision in a short period, ideal for students looking to consolidate their learning before exams.

    The platform will also host a series of intensive, expert-designed learning modules along with novel features like an interactive chatbot. Regular doubt-clearing sessions led by students from IITs and AIIMS will enhance the learning experience and maintain a human connect with the students. The SATHEE platform is expected to receive an overwhelming response from students across the nation.

    “The outreach of SATHEE marks a significant step towards enhancing accessibility to education in India. This platform opens up new avenues for students preparing for competitive exams, offering quality resources and support. Our goal is to ensure that every student, irrespective of their location or financial situation, has the opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits. SATHEE is a testament to our commitment to educational equity and excellence,” said Prof. S. Ganesh, Officiating Director, IIT Kanpur.

    The platform stands out with its multilingual support, offering content in English, Hindi, and various Indian regional languages, ensuring no student is left behind due to language barriers and further encouraging students in their journey towards academic excellence.

    “The outreach of SATHEE is an important step towards bridging the educational divide in India. We have created a platform that simplifies and enhances the learning process for competitive exams. Our focus is on delivering quality education in an accessible format. We believe SATHEE will be instrumental in helping students across the country to better prepare for their future, aligning with our mission of educational inclusivity and excellence,” said Shri. K Sanjay Murthy Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education.

    SATHEE is not just a learning platform; it represents a movement towards equal educational opportunities for all, challenging the monopolization of competitive exam preparation by private classes that either many cannot afford or access easily due to distance. It offers a beacon of hope to millions of students, particularly those in rural areas and financially constrained environments.


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