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  • Wednesday, May, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:02:01
  • eMudhra, a licensed Certifying Authority under the Ministry of Information Technology, India, announced that they have successfully issued over 40,000 Digital Signature Certificates to users through the paperless route. The company has accomplished this by integrating the new eSign services, which was launched in May 2019, with their existing DSC infrastructure. This is enabling the company to create a seamless DSC issuance process, where in the signing, review and approval is no longer paper-driven, and thereby bringing the overall turnaround time to as less as 5 minutes.

    “Since the whole process now relies on eSign compliant e-Signatures, which itself is issued subject to an identity validation using video verification and other stringent mechanisms as prescribed by the relevant regulator(s), identity validation has become a seamless exercise for our approving authority. This is helping us reduce overall TAT by up to 85%,” explains Vijay Kumar, Head – Technology, eMudhra.  Talking about the capabilities of eMudhra, he further adds, “We are equipped with a state-of-the-art central processing center, which enables us to process all requests as and when they arrive, and ensure a quick turnaround. This involves automated and semi-automated checks towards augmenting security and compliance.”

    Presenting his views on this occasion, Mr. V Srinivasan, Chairman, eMudhra says, “We fully support the government’s ambition of ‘Digital India,’ and take pride in eliminating the last mile paper in all the underlying processes. Towards this end, we have integrated the new eSign capabilities with our existing offerings.” “We see a great potential in this integration. Not only does this integration eliminate paper-trail and storage complexities, but also provide a hassle free user experience to the customer,” he concludes.


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