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Enhanced safety and purity with Astral Water Tanks

Last 2 years of pandemic has changed the way we live and do things and even for that matter how we experience things. Today Health and Hygiene are the top priorities of consumers in any sector and keeping the hardships and consumers demand in mind Astral Limited has introduced India’s 1st Water Tank with Anti-Viral Copper Shield. This cutting edge technology gives 99.9% protection against bacteria, algae, fungus and various water-borne viruses. The Water Tank is also equipped with ingenious inner layer embedded with active copper particles.

The leading edge technology with active copper fortification keeps the water clean and free from harmful microbes, so the consumer doesn’t need to worry about dirty or harmful water ever again. The active copper particles are engraved within the polymer system to ensure that leeching of copper to the human body is prevented while at the same time the Active-Viral Copper Shield remains active thought its life span. This innovation regularly neutralizes the viruses and algae which in turn saves the consumer for deep cleaning the tank from time to time.

The Water Tank has many other attributes which ensure the safety of the water, like Air Vents which allow the water to maintain natural oxygen levels, a Threaded Lid which assures that the water is always dust-free and hygienic and also a UV stabilized layer which prevents the tank from degradation and helps in sparring of cracking, chalking, environmental stresses and any kind of loss in the physical properties of the tank.

As we slowly recover from the setbacks of the pandemic it is time we step into a better future, a better tomorrow with the best of health. Astral Limited is striving on working towards that goal by keeping itself ahead of the technology curve and as a frontrunner of innovation in the Piping and Water Tanks industry.

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