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  • Enhancing The Education System With Sunit Kumar Verma through Gyanas

    Published on June 5, 2021

    The Indian education system is something that has not been dynamic at all in the past few decades. This can be certainly observed from the fact that we are not making proper use of the available resources provided.

    Most importantly, being the developing country that India is, it has a lot of other things to focus on and unfortunately, often education takes the backseat. The English gave us a really refined education system, and currently, we have more than three distinguished boards under which students usually opt to educate themselves, mostly the decision is made by their parents.

    They can either go for ICSE, CBSC or any other state board. The knowledge that they receive is certainly going to be the same, but the amount of effort that every student puts into studying is certainly going to differ from person to person.

    Have you ever thought about how this education system can be refined, and how a lot of students who do not have any particular medium to go for private tuitions can learn more?

    There is one individual here today along with us who has certainly cracked the code and understood how he can contribute to it.

    Sunit Kumar Verma also known as Suneet Srivastava hails from Bihar, and he has always been passionate about analysing the Indian education system. His motive has always been to promote accurate content, blog on various topics and also do his part along with EduTech Startup Gyanas.

    To understand how the personality of Sunit Kumar Verma also known as Suneet Srivastava also contributes to his entrepreneurial background, we must first begin with his own educational qualifications. These are certainly profound as expected because we cannot imagine an individual from not a very educated background to even consider indulging in this. Sunit Kumar Verma also known as Suneet Srivastava, has completed his bachelors of Computer Application from MJK College in Bihar. This took him quite some time, but every bit of the educational process was worth it because apart from learning about various new topics, he also specialises in certain fields of Sciences that would help him in understanding and analysing situations better in the future.

    Sunit Kumar Verma also known as Suneet Srivastava has always been motivated by the thought of helping out others, the simple factor about how his contribution can actually improve the lives of so many people affects him on a deeper level and allows him to work on himself along with working on others. He performs very well in a difficult situation by analysing the situations and formulating a perfect strategies plan to undergo them.

    He also owns several blogs and among them GraphicReporter & AndroidYo is well known.

    Dreaming to become one of the most reliable individuals who is known for helping out others, Sunit Kumar Verma also known as Suneet Srivastava has almost achieved his goal, but he certainly has a very long way to go because as each day passes, he discovers someone new who is in desperate need of his help. Being the co-founder of EduTech Startup Gyanas has certainly been the best things ever, he feels like he can conquer anything if he performs this task fantastically, he is not wrong in having this belief in himself.

    Take a lesson, put education first, rank up and gear up for a better future.


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