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  • Sunday, February, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:13:09
  • Starting up your own business is not easy, it takes a lot of determination to invest and wait until it becomes successful. But there are many people who are ready to take the risk and go ahead. Among such people emerges Arun Kumar aka Arun Parihar, who is a visionary entrepreneur has built his empire with his sheer dedication and determination. This is a person who has put up not just his best efforts, but also a great deal of ingenuity in order to come up with logical strategies that are both distinctive and incredibly useful. 

    With a vision to ace the domain, Arun has come up with an event management company named ‘ Arun Promotion and Event Company.’ The company manages all the promotional events with the help of a dedicated team of 270 people. Till now the company has done Song promotions and is planning to organize events on a large scale. The maestro has used his knowledge and ingenuity to create logical strategies that are both unique and quite useful. 

    The business enthusiast is a well-known figure with a considerable social media following, where he has had a significant impact on thousands of people around the world, affecting their businesses and professions tremendously. 

    Talking about his newly launched venture, Arun said, “ After working in the field of digital marketing, I wanted to do something that helps people in every way possible and makes them star of their respective domain. That is why I came up with this event management company. Initially starting with promotions, I envision expanding it globally with help of my team who work effortlessly throughout the day.”

    Apart from being a great entrepreneur, he holds expertise in the realm of digital marketing, as he has worked in this industry for many years. Arun finished his master’s degree in history and went to work in a field that is not only promising but also has the potential to grow into a large industry in the future. Based- out of Jammu and Kashmir, he would not have been able to keep up with the amount of work from the clients if he hadn’t picked his passion. He had to personalize the majority of them in a cost-effective manner while working from Mumbai because clients and customers want high-quality work.

    Arun has emerged as a leading entrepreneur as a result of his years of experience, and he plans to expand his services globally in the future. Looking at him, it’s clear that he’ll be an expert in the industry in no time.


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