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  • Entrepreneur Shabad Sharif aptly describes how entrepreneurs can generate greater profit from their businesses

    Published on August 17, 2021

    Admit or not, businessmen run their businesses not just to build goodwill in the market but also to generate greater profits. Every business module is run keeping in mind the revenues that will be fetched in the long run. Building a reputation in the business world as one of the most sought names, Shabad Sharif is rightly looked upon by many budding and aspiring entrepreneurs. The business knowledge he possesses is because of his grandfather who has been one of the key founders of the Al Madina Group. It is a 50-year-old homegrown corporate entity with more than 150 retail outlets across UAE.

    Shabad is also one among the few members of the directorial board of this coveted group. Beginning his entrepreneurial journey at a very tender age, Shabad always aimed to launch a business of his own. For the same, he established PickFresh, a chain of retail supermarkets located across Dubai. Besides this, Shabad Sharif is also the proud owner of Dotok Communications that was launched earlier this year. It is a telecommunications company and an authorized partner of one of the leading mobile networks of the UAE. 

    Despite having the best of everything in life, his passion to incorporate his business helped him reach newer heights. Giving a pro tip on how to maximise profits through businesses, the entrepreneur says, “The secret to making greater revenues lie in how diversified your business ventures are. The more investments you make, the more returns you are bound to get in the long run. Not just this, meeting the customer’s requirements is also of utmost importance. If you see, for any entrepreneur, it is extremely crucial to keep the customers happy by providing services as per the said time.” Well, these golden words are absolutely true for any businessman to succeed in this competitive market.   

    Keeping his love and zeal for business aside, Shabad is a true fan of arts, music and entertainment. He recently ventured into the music industry and is the owner of two production houses named Omarlulu Entertainment and Third Eye Music. Both of these ventures were launched by him earlier this year. Through these production ventures, Shabad Sharif aims to produce some high-class music videos and shows for the audience. Managing so many business ventures at one go, it is truly commendable on Shabad’s part that he has mastered the art of fulfilling the customer’s requirements with finesse.


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