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  • Monday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:46:03
  •  Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Private Limited  is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Atypical Advantage, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities. Together, they aim to positively transform the perception and integration of persons with disabilities in the financial services sector. Equentis will hire persons with disabilities starting with their Sales Function.

    Speaking on occasion, Manish Goel, Founder & Managing Director of Equentis, expressed, “Since our inception in 2015, we have advocated for inclusive wealth creation, ensuring equal opportunities for every Indian to achieve significant financial prosperity. As India experiences remarkable growth, with a large population of young individuals and rising middle-income status, investments will be vital in driving sustainable long-term growth. We contribute to the vision of a more inclusive and prosperous India by empowering individuals with sound investment opportunities.”

    Mr. Alok Arya, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Equentis, shares, “As a brand, we believe in Equal Existence. This thinking is at the core of every action and decision taken by us. In line with this belief, we have associated with Atypical Advantage, an organization dedicated to empowering and creating equal opportunities for person with disabilities.

    We have been at the forefront of building a wealth-tech advisory-led model in India. We are committed to creating a society where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive financially, regardless of their background or abilities. We have a range of offerings that cater to individuals across different socioeconomic groups, ensuring that our services are accessible and beneficial to both the salaried class and the affluent segment. “

    Vineet Saraiwala, Founder of Atypical Advantage, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This partnership is momentous for us. We aim to redefine notions of talent and inspire corporates/organizations to tap into the untapped potential of person with disabilities. We thank Equentis for their commitment to inclusivity and eagerly anticipate a fruitful collaboration.”

    “Our collaboration with Atypical Advantage is a sincere commitment to fostering an all-inclusive workplace and contributing to a more equitable society. By embracing diversity and empowering individuals with diverse abilities, we intend to set an example for other organizations, inspiring positive change in the corporate landscape.” Adds Manish Goel.


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