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EV Startup Raptee Rolls Out First Motorcycle from Chennai Plant

 Chennai  : In a significant milestone for the company and the EV industry, Raptee Energy, the Chennai-based innovative electric vehicle (EV) startup, has rolled out its first production-ready motorcycle from its manufacturing plant, signalling the company’s transition from startup to a full-fledged EV brand. This milestone underscores Raptee Energy’s dedication to setting new standards for performance and sustainability in the industry.

The company’s CEO & Co-founder, Dinesh Arjun, expressed enthusiasm about reaching this pivotal moment, stating, “At Raptee, for over 4 years, we have imagined and reimagined electric motorcycles to give consumers not just a replacement but an actual upgrade from traditional ICE alternatives. After years of hard work, we are thrilled to introduce our first production-ready motorcycle, a testament to our dedication to innovation and sustainability. This milestone not only represents our growth as a company but also reflects our commitment to providing tech savvy thrilling riding experience along with complete safety and freedom from range anxiety.”

Raptee Energy’s assembly line in Chennai is now fully operational, with the company gearing up for the commercial launch expected within this quarter. The first batch of motorcycles will undergo rigorous testing and homologation processes, including ARAI certification and on-road safety checks, to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

As part of its commitment to enhancing consumer experience, Raptee plans to open its first store in its Chennai facility. This store will not only serve as a point of sale but also offer consumers a comprehensive brand experience, including a walkthrough of the manufacturing facility to see the motorcycles being crafted.

Jayapradeep (JP) Vasudevan, Raptee’s CBO, highlighted the company’s strategic approach to marketing and distribution: “We are well-prepared to establish a strong distribution network for our motorcycles, starting from Chennai and expanding to other cities in India. Our pan-India strategy will ensure widespread availability and accessibility for customers across the country. The hybrid approach with online and offline channels has been designed to provide a delightful consumer experience throughout their journey with the brand.”

Raptee Energy’s motorcycles boast a portfolio of patented technologies and innovations, featuring a high-voltage drivetrain for superior performance, seamless charging using existing CCS2 infrastructure, and advanced driver assistance systems for unparalleled safety. With its manufacturing facility in Chennai capable of producing 100,000 units annually, Raptee is positioned to meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions.

In celebration of this significant achievement, Raptee Energy hosted an exclusive internal event for its employees, serving as a token of appreciation for their dedication and support throughout the journey. With the commercial launch on the horizon, Raptee is poised to disrupt the electric vehicle market with its innovative motorcycle, catering to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions across India.

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