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  • Every shoot holds a new challenge: Bharat Prajapat talks about Clickography’s ventures

    Published on December 5, 2022

    Beautiful pre-wedding and wedding pictures are a dream for most couples. From traveling to mesmerizing shoot locations and planning the wedding for months,  every individual deserves to have the best pictures clicked. However, every picture comes at a price and that does not mean the photographer’s charge but the hard work that goes behind the breathtaking pictures.  Bharat Prajapat, founder of Clickography talks about the challenges that he and his team face behind the camera while shooting on hilly terrains.

    Firstly, he talks about shooting at places that either have snowfall or extremely low temperatures. There they face the issue of network services, constant and fast drainage of their batteries, and difficulty in charging those batteries. So, along with their whole camera gear and layers of clothing, they have to carry extra batteries for emergencies. Along with this, Clickography aims at finding a perfect location that they can reach easily without walking much. In most pre-wedding shoots couples get clicked in different outfits, so location plays an important role as no bride-to-be can walk long distances in snow or while wearing heels or designer clothes.

    Adding to this, the couple mostly wears single-layer clothing for the shoot, so the Clickography team is always ready with a warm beverage or shawl or any sweater as it is always a priority so that no one falls sick. Then, comes the timing part. Bharat Prajapat says, “We usually shoot in the morning or evening because in the afternoon the light bounces on the snow and there is too much reflection. So, for the morning shoot, we start preparing from like maybe 2 am o night.”

    Further, he elaborates on how using drones seems very cool to people but getting the permissions for it is equally hectic. Whether it be pre-wedding shoots or marriage, drones are not legal in India so one has to show their license and registration for permission. Clickography has all the documentation and still, many officers do not accept the letters for permission or lay out a long process for it. Even at airports, local places, or other areas most people do not allow drone coverage making it very difficult to shoot no matter how beautiful. NOC is surely a big task for the Clickography team before going on a shoot. But they always get the work done!

    Then Bharat Prajapat expresses how shooting on hilly terrain even if not snow-covered or with low temperatures is a tedious task. Initially, the problem comes when walking up the terrain as there is not just the weight of the camera gear but also of the different dresses, maybe props, or changing tents for the couple. Then some snacks for a long day are a must on the hike. Bharat Prajapat says, “Mostly all clients agree to our Clickography suggestions but it is our team’s duty that the client reaches safely at the shoot location and then back.”

    As the Clickography team explores new locations every time with dynamic shoot ideas based on their vision and the story of the couple, there is always a new challenge at hand. Even after the couple agrees with the team’s ideas, there is always the concern for safe travel, proper amenities, health checks, and weather conditions for sure. It is very aptly put by Bharat Prajapat, “To make the pictures look aesthetic or appealing we explore locations, and with them comes new opportunities and challenges for us to venture into.”

    Clickography believes that for newer content, there is always a new location, a new story, and a new set of challenges. Just like the most beautiful people are said to have the deepest of scares, in the same way, the most desirable locations, are the most adventurous. Don’t forget to check out  their new story at https://instagram.com/clickography?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


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