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  • Saturday, December, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:47:52
  • Every year, Indian cricket fans wait with bated breaths for the return of the Indian Premier League (IPL). This highly popular Twenty20 (T20) cricket league usually runs for 7 weeks, from March to May. The IPL is as popular to cricket fans as it is to cricket bettors, who also hope to make correct predictions and win big. Seven weeks of non-stop cricket action come with virtually unlimited betting opportunities, after all. If you’ve always wanted to place a bet or two on Indian Premier League cricket, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with a summary of top tricks, and common sense tips to get you started on the right foot.

    What is the IPL?

    The IPL is the most popular Twenty20 cricket tournament in the world. The tournament sees eight teams battling it out for a top prize that can go as high as ₹200,000,000! The IPL was established in 2008 and is, therefore, relatively new compared to other cricket tournaments. The IPL is played using a Double Round Robin format, which means that each of the eight teams will play against another team twice—once at their home stadium and another time away. 

    The top four teams from the first round of games will qualify for the playoffs. This part of the tournament consists of two qualifiers, an elimination round and the finals. Two teams that top the log table battle against each other in the first qualifier and the winner gets an automatic ticket to the finals. The runner-up can face it off with the elimination round winner to get to the finals.

    IPL Betting Tips: How to Bet Effectively 300

    Each IPL match day is laden with betting opportunities, and knowing where and how to make bets can make all the difference between winning and losing. There are a lot of ways to gain an edge over the bookies, so it’s vital to decide on your staking plan early on. Let’s look at some of the important aspects of a sound betting plan. 

    The very first thing any punter should do is search for a good sportsbook to bet with. This is easier said than done. Things like bonuses, promotions, licenses, odds, banking options, and customer service all contribute to the quality of an online sportsbook. Fortunately, the punting community is generous with tips and pointers for how to identify the best online cricket betting sites in India.

    The next vital aspect is to set a betting budget. You should determine how much you can bet throughout the tournament without going broke. The next step is to determine how many games you’d like to bet on and divide your cash accordingly. Of course, you’re going to win some games and boost your bankroll mid-tournament. Preparing for the worst-case scenario, however, ensures that you won’t end up chasing losses and ending up in the red.

    The next step is to get up-close with the competing teams, players, and any other aspects of the IPL you’ll be wagering on. The more information you can gather, the better your winning odds will be. Teams like the Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, and Sunrisers Hyderabad are usually favourites, but also have lower odds. You, however, have to judge the teams by performance and not only using past records. 

    You’ll then have to shop for the best odds for your bets. If you’re going to make accurate predictions, you need to get maximum returns each time. Live betting is also another opportunity that players should grab with both hands. You can place bets after the game has started and cash out early on a potentially unfavourable situation. Live betting also demands lightning-quick reactions and provides an even more exciting betting experience. 

    Top IPL Online Betting Markets

    To best apply the advice from this guide, you have to know as many betting markets as possible and leverage the most lucrative ones. The main betting markets include the tournament winner, match winners, man of the match, Orange Cap winner, and Purple Cap winner. Live betting also opens up some markets such as total wickets, coin toss, total ducks, total runs, and total wides.