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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:17:10
  • If you’re planning on purchasing a Samsung tablet, you’re not alone, as Samsung is the most popular tablet brand in India. The brand holds the number one position in the tablet market in India with a 34 per cent market share. Samsung offers a range of tablets that come at different price points. Thus, you can find a Samsung tab in any budget that you might have. Samsung tablets come loaded with a host of highly useful features, some of which are exclusive to the brand. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the quality as the brand is known for making high-quality electronic goods. With the extensive variety that the brand offers, one might get indecisive when choosing a tablet. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know before purchasing a Samsung tablet.


    The most important aspect you should know before buying a tablet is that they come in various sizes. You must choose a size that feels the most comfortable to you. Tablet is a device that is held in the user’s hands for long stretches of time, so you want a tablet that is lightweight and easy to hold. Moreover, you should also consider the screen size you need. Samsung tablets fall within the range of 8 to 12.4 inches of display size. While large tablets have higher price tags, small tablets are more affordable. For example, if you’re looking for tabs under 15,000 INR, you can go for an 8-inch Samsung tablet. In conclusion, you must find the right balance between portability and display size and choose a size that’s suitable for your requirements.


    Another factor you must be aware of is the display. The display resolution denotes the level of clarity and sharpness of the image on a tablet screen. A higher pixel density signifies a better image quality. Samsung tablets come in screen resolutions ranging from 1340 x 800 pixels (WXGA+) to 2560 x 1600 pixels (WQXGA). Needless to say, a tablet with a higher resolution is more expensive. If you’re purchasing a tablet for your child, a lower resolution would suffice. Similarly, if you need a tablet for checking emails, reading and casual browsing, a lower resolution device would be suitable. On the other hand, if you want a tablet to stream HD movies and play games, a higher resolution would be the right choice.


    Since the internet is the lifeline of a tablet, its ability to connect to the internet is a crucial factor. Samsung tablets come with two types of connectivity: Wi-Fi and cellular. While Wi-Fi tablets can only connect to a local Wi-Fi network, cellular tablets can connect to Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks such as 3G and 4G. Most modern Samsung tablets in the cellular variants are referred to as LTE, due to their 4G LTE connectivity. The basic difference is that you will be able to use a Wi-Fi tablet only in places where you have access to a Wi-Fi connection. An LTE tablet, on the other hand, can be used just about anywhere. LTE tablets are priced higher than their Wi-Fi counterparts.

    Processor and RAM

    The processor and RAM of a tablet play a significant role in its speed and performance. These components work in tandem, determining how the device runs apps and multitasks. A higher RAM and a better processor mean better multitasking and processing speed. A tablet with 3 GB RAM would be ideal if you need it for basic tasks such as watching movies, sending emails and browsing. However, if you need a tablet to play heavy games with 3D graphics, use professional editing softwares, or develop apps, you would want a tablet with a higher RAM of 6 GB. The processor speed can range from 1.7GHz to 3.09GHz in terms of clock speed.

    Battery Life

    The battery power of Samsung tablets can range from 5,000 mAh to 10,000 mAh. If you need your tablet while travelling, you should opt for a bigger battery. If you need it for home use, a smaller battery should be good. Affordable tabs under 15,000 INR generally come with a 5,000-6,000 mAh battery.


    Lastly, you should have an idea of how much storage capacity you would need in your tablet. The built-in storage can vary from 32 GB to 128 GB. Moreover, some tablets come with a microSD card slot that can expand the memory up to 1 TB.

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