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  • Ex-CTO of Agrifi.ai, Joins eFeed to lead Precision Livestock Technology

    Published on April 16, 2024

    eFeed is thrilled to welcome RAGHUCHANDRA K R to their team, particularly because of his extensive experience in precision agriculture and remote sensing, which are crucial for advancing precision livestock technologies. Raghu’s tenure as the ex-Chief Technology Officer at Agrifi.ai and his noteworthy contributions at organizations like CropIn, Rang De and Precision Agriculture for Development (PxD) demonstrate his expertise in leveraging technology for agricultural innovation.

    Raghu’s background in precision AgriTech, spanning over 12 years with a strong focus on precision technology for the past eight years, positions him perfectly to strengthen eFeed’s precision cattle tech. His leadership at Cropin, where he played a pivotal role in building a robust engineering team, underscores his ability to drive technological advancements in the agriculture sector.

    At eFeed, Raghu will spearhead the refinement of precision livestock technology, with a particular emphasis on utilizing data from smartphones to enhance livestock nutrition. This includes predicting diseases, tailoring feeding plans to local conditions, and estimating milk production accurately. These efforts align seamlessly with eFeed’s proactive approach to animal health, emphasizing optimal nutrition, medication, and overall care.

    Kumar Ranjan, founder of eFeed expressed excitement about Raghu joining the team, highlighting his deep knowledge and innovative mindset in AgriTech. This addition is seen as invaluable for advancing eFeed’s technology and ultimately benefiting farmers worldwide.

    With Raghu onboard, eFeed is more determined than ever to revolutionize precision in livestock nutrition through technology, making significant strides in the agricultural realm.


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