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  • Ex-Zuma Dubai chef wows Bandra with a luxury Japanese-Pan Asian Restobar Megumi

    Published on February 20, 2024

     Mumbai  – Megumi, Mumbai’s newest luxury Japanese restaurant has rolled out a red carpet for Mumbaikars in the heart of the city, Bandra. The massive 6000 sq.ft. dining destination promises is now *the* place to be for everyone looking for a good time. Megumi is a unique restaurant that marries the delicate art of Japanese cuisine with ultra-fine-dining flavours. Inspired by Japanese Nikkei resto-bar culture and Japanese philosophy, and the brainchild of hospitality icon Mr. Raj Shetty, founder and chairman of Ramee Hospitality, and his team, Megumi promises an unforgettable experience for food enthusiasts and anyone looking to try something completely new and different.

    What sets Megumi apart is the unique dining experience. By embracing the diversity of Asian cuisine, Megumi provides guests with a culinary journey that they won’t find anywhere else. Everything, including the interior design by Minal Chopra is themed perfectly, inspired by Brazilian bamboo-weaving culture. The warm lighting paired with the bamboo interior makes for a welcoming interior where you can relax. The design ties beautifully with the light, modern Japanese cuisine and drinks, and creates a social ambiance that is unlike any other.

    Megumi strives for creative dishes that seamlessly blend the precision and elegance of Japanese culinary techniques with the subtleties of fine-dining. Chef Raman Udas, former chef at Zuma, Dubai under Chef Reif Othman, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Megumi, resulting in dishes that are both visually stunning and explosively flavorful. Chef Raman Udas, trained in the culinary arts by the most influential chefs in Dubai, has created a menu that is so perfectly tied with Japanese philosophies. Central to Megumi is the use of the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, many of which are locally sourced.

    Nikkei cuisine, born from Japanese and Peruvian culinary traditions and Japanese philosophies, is the heart of Megumi. The menu offers a wide selection of creative dishes that are expertly and passionately prepared, delivering a palate-pleasing symphony of flavours. The exciting menu comprises of delectable offerings like traditional sushi with a unique twist, ceviches featuring Japanese influences. Megumi’s food programme sounds absolutely delightful, showcasing a fusion of Nikkei cuisine crafted by an ex-Zuma chef. The menu is a symphony of flavors, combining traditional Japanese and Peruvian elements with a modern twist. Let’s delve into some of the standout dishes.

    TOPPOGI: A creative and flavorful dish featuring potato-stuffed dumplings with gochujang. The combination of the starchy potato and spicy gochujang creates a satisfying and bold taste. LOBSTER ROLL: Elevating the classic lobster roll with miso butter, tobiko, yuzu aioli, and bird’s eye chili, this dish promises a fusion of textures and tastes, from the richness of lobster to the zesty yuzu aioli. CORN ON COB: Grilled corn on the cob with miso togarashi butter would provide a savory and slightly spicy kick, making it a delicious and unique side dish. TEBASAKI WINGS: Stuffed chicken wings with chili nam jam is a delightful and flavorful twist on a classic favorite. SICHUAN TILAPIA: Sichuan Tilapia as a tapas dish offers a perfect balance of spice and flavor, showcasing Megumi’s expertise in wok cooking. YOTTA WANTAN: Chicken dumplings in a secret soy broth present a comforting yet sophisticated appetizer, showcasing the depth of flavors. LIVE SUSHI BAR: Offering a variety of exotic seafood sushi, maki rolls, nigiri, sashimi, carpaccio, and tartare, this is a celebration of Japanese culinary artistry. THREE MUSHROOM HOT POT: A mixed table-side hot pot featuring portobello, shiitake, and button mushrooms in soy mirin and truffle broth, promises a comforting bowl of goodness. DUCK YAKITORI: Crispy aromatic braised duck served alongside pancakes and hoisin sauce offers a savory and satisfying main course. ASSORTED MACARONS: A sweet conclusion with coffee, matcha dark chocolate, and yuzu-flavored macarons, offering a delightful variety of flavors. WASABI YOROKOBI WITH MANGO COULIS: The highlight of the dessert program, the wasabi-infused dessert with mango coulis, promises a unique and memorable sweet experience. Megumi’s unique cuisine also means that their cocktails are an expression of Japanese philosophy. Try their signature cocktails: Wabi Sabi, with Bayleaf Gin, Passionfruit & Leaf Shrub, Acids and Smoked Bayleaf. Kintsugi, with Brown Butter Whisky, Ginger Mint Gomme, Acids and Peated Malt served with a fortune cookie. This is served in a ‘kitsungi’ glass, tying into the Japanese tradition of fixing broken glass with gold.

    Megumi is giving back to its roots, with its ‘Indie-Asian’ section, tying into the forgotten northeast part of India. All the ingredients featured in this section are from the Seven Sisters of the north east. A cocktail to try from this section is the Mitchinga Margarita, with Tequila, Mitchinga, Agave, Lime, Eucalyptus Air.

    At Megumi, you don’t just drink libations, you drink experiences. Each cocktail transcends the mere mixing of elements, blooming into a reflection of Japanese philosophies that have nourished souls for centuries.

    Wabi-sabi whispers in ice crystals, reminding you that true beauty lies in the imperfect, the transient. Megumi’s signature drinks embrace the season’s fleeting flavors, the hand-carved imperfections of their drinks, and the delicate dance of colors that fade like cherry blossoms in the wind. Kintsugi binds glasses, mending cracks with gold dust, echoing the resilience of the human spirit. Even shattered moments, like bittersweet citrus notes clashing with spicy warmth, can be transformed into something exquisite. Shojin-ryori guides garnishes, where simplicity reigns supreme. Each edible ornament – a twist of yuzu peel, a sprinkle of sansho pepper – speaks volumes, leaving lasting impressions with minimal fuss. Mono no aware, the bittersweet appreciation of impermanence, suffuses every sip. With each passing moment, the ice melts, the flavors evolve, the experience transforms. Savor it, for like the sakura in springtime, it will never be tasted quite the same way again. Ichigo ichie, the philosophy of cherishing every encounter, rings true in Megumi. The bartenders are not mere mixologists, but storytellers, guiding you through the tapestry of each drink, revealing the harmony of tastes and the whispers of ancient wisdom within.

    At Megumi, blessings aren’t just bestowed, they’re crafted. Raise a glass, and discover the unexpected beauty that blooms within every sip.

    Rajit V Shetty (MD at Ramee Hospitality), expresses his excitement about this culinary venture, stating, “This project is an upgrade in our new line of hospitality brands, we’re just trying to improve on every aspect of the business; we’re trying to have better service and better food and make sure all of this is maintained. Experience a pinnacle of culinary excellence as we proudly unveil Megumi in the heart of Mumbai. Our fusion of Japanese tradition and contemporary innovation promises an unparalleled blessing in dining experience. Join us in elevating your taste for excellence.”

    Megumi opens its doors to the public, inviting residents and guests to embark on a culinary adventure that transcends borders. Join us and experience Japanese delights at Bandra’s newest gem.


    9th floor, Ramee Emerald II, Linking Rd, above Nike Showroom, Vithaldas Nagar, Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400054


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