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    Examplad Media’s founder Jitesh Tilwani explains why every Brand should be on Instagram

    Published on February 28, 2021

    Instagram from the day of launch is growing immensely and users are joining instagram in huge numbers on a daily basis. Those days are gone when Instagram was just a photo sharing App. You may probably use Instagram for fun and post your travel and food and what not. But if you see Instagram as a Marketing Tool, nothing beats it.

    Instagram has attracted the Brands all over the world for its potential to achieve high engagement and increase brand awareness with help of Videos/Photos/Stories/IGTV customised stickers and tons of other features. Also you can’t miss the fact that Instagram has 500million+ active users on a monthly basis so that’s a huge opportunity out there.

    Jitesh Tilwani, The Founder of Examplad Media, which is one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing companies is Educating and serving Brands/Startups on Importance of Digital Marketing for every Brand and Jitesh Tilwani holds the experience of 7+ years in this domain. He explains the Importance of Instagram for every Brand.

    1. People will respond to your content on Instagram more because humans remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear, and guess what ? you can deliver all 3 together via Instagram.
    2. Instagram’s engagement per post grows year-over-year average rate of engagement per post on Instagram is more than 55%, that means half of your customers on Instagram will see your new post for sure.
    3. A study shows 80 out of 100 people on Instagram follow at least 1 Brand account on Instagram, so what are you waiting for ? that 1 brand could be yours.
    4. More than 60% of users return to Instagram daily, that’s a huge number in case of active users.
    5. Instagram is the most user-friendly app and people love to use it, also it has some of the best filters which makes it more fun to use, well that’s an opportunity for a brand to create its own filter?
    6. Content on Instagram has a very chance to go Viral as there are sharing options on every content that is posted.
    7. Advertising on Instagram has always better results as compared to other social media platforms.
    8. Influencer marketing is the next big thing and Instagram is the only platform that is giving Huge business opportunities to brands and Influencers to promote their products.
    9. Instagram has made it easier when it comes to sharing others’ stories on your account and a way easier than it was before. Now, you don’t have to grab a screenshot; you can find the “Add Post to Your Story” option under the post and directly share it with your followers.
    10. It is very much easier to create a niche community within your Instagram account for your posts and businesses. Local artists, musicians, influencers, etc., can be found easily here, along with the international ones. So, whether you are looking to advertise your local business or want to reach out to a worldwide audience, Instagram will help you do both.