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Excited for Arya’s Sarpatta Parambarai? Here are fun North Madras slangs to know to get you prepped

The much anticipated period sports drama, Sarpatta Parambarai, is all set to premiere on 22nd July 2021 on streaming service Amazon Prime Video. All set to transport the audience to a whole new era, the movie dwells into the life and culture of North Madras Boxers from the 1970s. Directed by Pa. Ranjith, the film has a raw and powerful undertone that offers a fitting tribute to an era by-gone. As the recently launched trailer offers a glimpse into the struggles of boxer Kabilan (essayed by Actor Arya), it also gives the audience a fun sneak peek into the much-celebrated North Madras dialect.

With the movie soon releasing on Amazon Prime Video, here is a round-up of North Madras slangs that you MUST KNOW and prepped in time:

Sikkom: As a sport drama aficionado, this word is a must know. ‘Sikkom’ means causing trouble and is often used to refer to someone who brings trouble to the table or is the trouble in case.  ’Ivan sikkom Kudukravan ,Macha’ refers to ‘He brings in troubles’. If you come across this word remember to be on your feet.

Jopptha: Joppatha refers to a person who looks very bold but actually is very fragile. It is often used as ‘Ivan sariyana JOPPTHA paiya da’ which translates to he only looks all bold and brace but deep down he is not that dangerous. Next time you have someone who is not so dangerous off the ring, make sure you call him Jopptha payan.

Maima: Sarpatta Parambarai also has a beautiful romance track between Kabilan and Mariamma that is sure to melt our hearts. Do you have a Mariamma in your life too?  Make sure you share that extra love with your beloved by calling her Maima, which refers to wife/girlfriend.

Adichi Thookaran: As the boxers in the movie gear up to fight each other in the rings, their go-to warning is always Adichi Thookaran which translates to strongly defeating the opponent. While you are rooting for your favourite clan to win the ultimate battle in Sarpatta Parambarai, make sure you cheer the team by saying Adichi Thookarom.

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