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  • Exclusive Interview – “Very Little Is Needed To Make Me Happy”: Trix Aka Sanjog Bhushan on his life and his meteoric rise to superstardom

    Published on January 5, 2022

    Having the vision to do something in life and going beyond boundaries to make efforts to turn those visions into reality are two different things. It is incredible to learn about all those, who put in their everything, and without batting an eye, keep walking their path to make sure they live their visions. Doing all of this in an industry as competitive as music is even more difficult, but rising musical artists like Sanjog Bhushan, aka Trix, change the game in the music space, and that’s what helps them create a special place for themselves in the industry. Trix has garnered all the more attention from people this time for his much-awaited song “SUNDOWN,” a composition that truly soothes a person’s ears as well as heart.

    After releasing his super track “SUNDOWN”. The young superstar sits down with us to talk about this life and his rise to being one of the top names in the music industry. The 21-year-old is creating a legacy unmatched to any boy who has made it at his age. After his latest hit, He touches new heights of greatness. Everyone/ Anyone would love to have him in their life knowing how he has changed the stereo typical ways of music success.

    Life comes at you fast – One year ago today – Trix was a regular musical figure, Fast forward one year later you are one of the most decorated music producers. Tell us how do you feel about your success. What was the reaction of people around you?

    Yes, Ofc, I am extremely grateful for everything I have got. For sure I had not thought that I would be at the position I am today about a year back. It feels great. I feel really blessed to have whatever I wished for in my life. Talking about people, I have always had a great set of friends and family that have supported me

    throughout of my journey. With good success comes a lot of haters or people who think your success should have been theirs. I have learned to stay in control and not bother with what they have to say or do behind my back.

    Congratulation on your wonderful release, what could you possibly tell us about why it took so long for the track to be released on digital stores? The track is doing really well and everyone seems to be enjoying the version you have put out.

    Thank you, So the first version of the track was drafted back in February. The structured changed a couple of times until late September. Ofc other tracks also required work alongside this. I worked through the final

    version of this during mid-October and early November. I had a lot of help from the collaborating artists but once again I’m sorry to my fans for the delay or disappointing them by making them wait. The track is doing really well and I am extremely pleased that everyone enjoyed my music.

    What could you possibly tell us about your life after getting fame that came with your music blowing up?

    I mean it’s okay, it was super exciting! But with time I lost people who I wouldn’t have due to time constraints. But that’s the part of the journey isn’t it? The realist one’s stay no matter what. The day is

    usually filled with work (Emails, Pending Tracks, Meetings). I have time during the end of day which I spend usually with loved ones and friends or watch some shows on Netflix. People mistake my time

    constraints with attitude issues or non-caring. It isn’t that I don’t want to devote my time to them but I have worked so hard for this, I expected them to stand by me. Very little is needed to make me happy.

    What are your thoughts on the upcoming year, what does it hold for you?

    Well first of all, I would love to not lose more people (Sanjog Laughs). Make great music, meet some new people and yes travel more now that the slowly I am getting back to my normal routine. I want to release more tracks than 2021. 2022 is the year where I will release more music that I have produced in all my previous years combined.

    One final question – Has the taste of success sunk in yet?

    (Sanjog Laughs) – I wished you never asked this. But to answer your question – No it hasn’t sunk in yet. Unfortunately, I’ve been running into so many issues recently that I haven’t really enjoyed the taste of success yet. But all in due time.

    Just couple of hours’ back the artist dropped an Instagram post hinting to his upcoming release “GIMME THAT LOVE” which is already gearing up to be a mega hit.

    The most recent hit he released was named “SUNDOWN”, Our ratings – 10/10.


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