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  • Thursday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:18:31
  •  Harsha Agrawal has launched her highly anticipated debut book of poetry, ‘In Four Billion Years,’ published by Story Mirror. As a spoken-word poet and storyteller, Harsha presents a collection of 50 poignant poems that promise to lead the readers on an emotional journey through the complexities and nuances of love.

    In her book ‘In Four Billion Years,’ Harsha delves into the wide spectrum of love, from personal to cosmic and divine. Within the collection, some poems portray a love so stubborn that it defies death, seeking countless ways to reunite with a lover. Others illustrate the complete surrender of a lover. Certain verses seamlessly blend the divine and the sensuous, blurring the boundaries between love and God with sincere conviction. Additionally, there are poems that capture the ordinary aspects of familiar love alongside those that delve into the irresistible allure of forbidden love.

    Overall, it promises readers different aspects of love, evoking bittersweet nostalgia for lovers, family, and moments of affection through carefully crafted titles and footnotes.

    Within the book, she has deliberately titled poems such as ‘An Experiment in Slavery (Not The BDSM Kind)’, ‘Rumi At A House Party’, ‘Feminism Convicted Me Of A Crime’, and ‘Love In the Times of Dementia’ to evoke speculations through their unconventional themes. Meanwhile, a few titles, such as ‘A Christmas Miracle’ and ‘I Have Thank-You Notes Ready For The Gifts I Am Yet To Receive’, suggest fascinating narratives and will emotionally resonate with the readers on a personal level.

    Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of life, Harsha juggles her role effortlessly as a director at Collins India with being a doting mother to her 5-year-old. Reflecting on her creative process and intentions for writing the book, she said, “From what I have read in a book, evolutionary wisdom suggests our DNA’s inherent selfishness, where it always strives to protect itself. Yet love, in its diverse manifestations, inspires us to fight our intrinsic selfishness. It wants us to be selfless, compelling us to champion the happiness and well-being of others.”

    Through the poems, she hopes that readers experience a state of love washing over them. She hopes that they fill them with a profound sense of gratitude and an urgent need to reach out to their loved ones to appreciate their presence and warmth—generously, loudly, and unabashedly. Harsha states, “I believe love expressed is love compounded.”

    In recognition of her talent, she won a nationwide poetry contest held by Story Mirror and Mirchi Mehfil in 2021, earning her the opportunity to publish this book. ‘In Four Billion Years’ is now available for purchase in both print and ebook formats on major online platforms, including Amazon. For those who appreciate the beauty of language and the power of poetry, this collection promises to be a captivating read.


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