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  • Experion Technologies Hosts ‘Timeless Treasures’ to Honor Indian Classical Music on World Music Day

    Published on June 23, 2024

    Thiruvananthapuram: – Experion Technologies, a global leader in product engineering and digital transformation services with over 17 years of industry experience, celebrated World Music Day on June 21, 2024, with a special event titled Timeless Treasures in the Experion office at the Gayathri Building in Technopark, Trivandrum. This exclusive event aimed to foster a deeper appreciation for Indian Classical Music among Experion employees, marking the beginning of a cultural initiative led by CEO & Managing Director, Binu Jacob. All 1500 employees of Experion and senior leaders were invited to come together and honor the rich cultural heritage of Indian Classical music.

    The event commenced at 3 PM with a warm welcome by the CTO, Mr. Sreekumar Pillai, setting the stage for an afternoon dedicated to exploring the nuances of Indian classical music. A highlight of the program was an interactive workshop conducted by renowned Carnatic vocalist Thushar Muraleekrishna, known for his exceptional talent and extensive repertoire as an All-India Radio A-grade artist. Thushar captivated the audience with profound insights into ragas, talas, and the intricate techniques that define Carnatic music. Through demonstrations and explanations, he conveyed the emotional and spiritual depths of various ragas, offering attendees a firsthand experience of this timeless art form.

    The event also featured a cultural performance by Experion’s in-house Music Club, Beatroots, showcasing a blend of traditional and contemporary musical pieces. This event underscored Experion’s commitment to fostering musical diversity and supporting artistic expression among its employees. “Art, especially music, has the power to transform society and is a universal language across cultures. Among all art forms, music is uniquely potent, conveying profound emotions through a single dimension. I cherish empowering the youth in Experion with the ability to appreciate Classical Indian Music and understand its unique beauty. I champion quality music, and my appreciation for musical excellence extends into my work at Experion. Here, we stand for quality in everything we do, distinguishing the good from the truly exceptional.” Binu Jacob, MD & CEO, Experion Technologies.

    The Senior Leadership’s vision to cultivate an appreciation for Indian classical music among Experion’s predominantly youthful workforce was evident in the carefully curated event, marking the beginning of a series of musical initiatives aimed at enriching the company’s cultural fabric.


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