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  • Explore the realms of Petroleum Engineering at MIT-WPU

    Published on October 22, 2021

    MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU), a Pune based institution with world-class infrastructure and ranked as the 7th Best Private Institute for Engineering in India by TOI Survey 2020 is offering a B.Tech program in Petroleum Engineering. The necessity to obtain clean energy from the subsurface of the earth and to store crude oil, a significant ingredient for the production of medicines, agrochemicals and other petrochemicals (polymers and synthetic detergents), is inevitable.

    Calling out to engineering enthusiasts, the B.Tech program in Petroleum Engineering, MIT-WPU is aimed at creating highly trained professionals specializing across 4 subcategories — Drilling Engineering, Exploration, Production and Reservoir Enginering. The objective of the program is to build industry ready professionals with a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary subject.

    A course in Petroleum Engineering from MIT-WPU opens doors to not one but multiple career opportunities such as Drilling Engineer, Oil Well Cementing Engineer, Production Engineer, Well Completion Engineer, Petroleum Economist, Reservoir Engineer, Piping Engineering, Flow Assurance, Well Completion and Workover Engineer, Data Analyst, Oil Field Instrumentation Engineer, Research Organizations Oil and Gas Marketing, and Domain Expert in IT Companies to name a few. The institute also trains students to acquire great analytical and communication skills which is an important aspect while working professionally.

    Extraction of crude oil which is generally found in sedimentary rocks is not an ardent engineering challenge and needs proper training.  A Petroleum Engineer needs to come up with innovative ideas consistently and think of out of the box methods to design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth surface. To prepare the future generation of petroleum engineers, MIT-WPU implements the most updated curriculum which is in tune with the industry.

    The MIT-WPU School of Petroleum Engineering is one of India’s premier petroleum engineering institutions that pledge to counsel their students with meticulously planned lessons and a plethora of opportunities through their four-year full-time program, which is divided into twelve trimesters with a choice-based 166 credit system.

    With an emphasis on holistic education, they undertake numerous national and international study tours that help their students get industry exposure and ample experiential learning. Furthermore, the various field trips and industrial visits aid the students in gaining the most out of the course. With a continuous dedication to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and providing knowledge, MIT-WPU offers an unmatched learning experience for students yearning to learn about Petroleum Engineering.

    MIT World Peace University strives to create a friendly environment of a knowledge hub where students can learn, share and shine in a comfortable habitat. The students are also offered scholarships based on their merit and curricular performance.

    MIT-WPU is renowned for offering a broad spectrum of academics and aspires to promote the Culture of Peace through a value-based Universal Education System to harness the knowledge of Business, Computer Science and Technology for the welfare of society.

    MIT-WPU’s multidisciplinary approach towards providing a premium quality educational experience to students is what makes it one of the best private universities in the country. They implement well-researched WPU methods, which bring about a perfect balance of an academic framework reinforced through experiential learning.

    To know more, visit – MIT-WPU