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  • Expo Souvenirs Popular; Taipei Pavilion to be re-opened

    Published on December 31, 2010

    Taiwan : The Taipei City Government is convinced that the 2010 Taipei

    The Flora Expo Meal Box is one of the most popular souvenirs.

    International Flora Exposition gives Taiwan an opportunity to showcase its soft power. In order to offer the people in Taiwan an opportunity to see how the Taipei Pavilion demonstrates Taipei City’s strengths in technology, environmental protection and humanistic culture, the Taipei City Government has decided to rebuild the Taipei Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo at the site of the Pavilion of Future in the Xinsheng Park Area after the Taipei Expo ends in April 2011.

    While more than two million people have visited the Flora Expo, the Expo souvenirs are becoming increasingly more popular among visitors, as they range from toys, stationery, clothing accessories to gardening utensils, according to the Taipei City Government.

    Expo souvenirs can also be purchased online at (http://souvenir.2010taipeiexpo.tw). Taipei City Government has demanded that souvenir suppliers provide their gift items at reasonable prices, just like at any other international exposition events.

    The souvenir flagship store is located at the Pavilion of Aroma of Flowers in the Fine Arts Park Area and visitors can also buy various souvenirs from the four stores and nine souvenir carts in the four Flora Expo areas, the Taipei City Government said.

    The Taipei City Government added that Foxconn founder Terry Gou has decided to donate the Taipei Pavilion to the Taipei City Government and sponsor all the expenses on transport and rebuilding of the Taipei Pavilion in Taipei.

    The 3D Theater projects a film produced by the golden award winner, director Hou Hsiao-Hsien. Titled “Taipei, Life, Smile” this film allows the audience to experience different aspects of life in the virtual Taipei City. Theater of the Future is a pyramid-shaped glass screen on which a film is projected to show how a family in Taipei City enjoys the benefits of successful recycling, the widespread coverage of wireless broadband services and future applications of wireless broadband. The third section of Taipei Pavilion features an interactive experience area.


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