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Express interview with PT Usha: 7 facts we bet you didn’t know about the ‘Queen of Speed’

PT Usha, the undisputed queen of the track and field, is a sports icon and an inspiration to many. Known for her humble beginnings, determination and hard work, PT Usha has won hearts across the globe. She was recently spotted in a never-seen-before avatar featuring in a KFC campaign film, to launch their new Express pick-up service with a 7-minutes promise. In the film she doubled-up as a high-speed chef, preparing and packing an Express pick-up order in 7-minutes. Because when it comes to speed, who better than PT Usha to launch an express service!

And like the KFC 7-minutes promise, here are 7 quick things we bet you didn’t know about the Payyoli Express:

  1. She defeated all the boys she practiced with: When PT Usha was young, and had just started training, her coach would try to make her practice with boys younger than her, but most of them would refuse to run against her, because most of the time she ended up beating them.
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