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  • Eye-Q Conducted More than 2.53 Lakh Free Eye Check examination across India in a Year

    Published on October 13, 2023

     New Delhi : Eye-Q, the leading hospital eye care chain, has successfully conducted over 253,000 free eye check-ups across India in a year. These assessments were made possible through a range of initiatives, such as free camps, outreach camps, government schemes and door-to-door campaigns.

    In a significant stride towards reducing the burden of blindness in India, Eye-Q since its inception has even conducted numerous free surgeries, providing essential support including transportation and medicine.

    “India bears the highest burden of blindness worldwide, where timely surgeries and eyeglasses could potentially salvage half of these cases. It stands as our moral responsibility as an eye care chain to avert avoidable blindness and visual impairment. On World Sight Day, all senior executives of Eye-Q came together and pledged to go above and beyond to combat preventable blindness and visual impairment cases, making a meaningful difference in the lives of countless individuals across India said Dr Ajay Sharma, Founder and CMD, Eye-Q hospitals

    As part of its World Sight Day celebration, Eye-Q even launched its #See_clearly, Work happily campaign, aligning perfectly with the World Sight Day 2023 theme: “Love your eyes at work.” The campaign took place on October 12th across all Eye-Q hospital chains, reaching out to numerous individuals with the overarching goal of highlighting the vital role vision health plays in overall well-being in a professional setting.

    Commenting on the success of the campaign Dr Deependra V Singh, Regional Medical Director of Eye-Q stated, “Through this campaign, we endeavored to shed light on the paramount importance of eye care in the professional setting. In today’s digital age, where screens dominate our workspaces, prioritizing vision health is pivotal. The event was incredibly productive, fostering awareness and equipping individuals with simple eye excersises to safeguard their vision. We firmly believe that every professional deserves the gift of clear vision, and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure this becomes a reality for all.”

    Under the #See clearly Work happily campaign, Eye-Q’s hospital chain set up a special snack station featuring informative placards detailing the benefits of snacks like carrots, sweet potato chaat, and Amla candies, known for their positive impact on eye health. During every working hour, Eye-Q’s dedicated eye care specialists, including optometrists, doctors, and counsellors, conducted informative eye care sessions with patients lasting 5-10 minutes. The campaign extended to Eye-Q’s employees, encouraging healthy screen habits, promoting regular breaks to reduce eye strain, and offering invigorating eye yoga sessions.. Alongside these efforts, Eye-Q hosted live-streaming sessions featuring expert eye care professionals who demonstrated eye exercises to relieve strain, improve circulation, and relax eye muscles, providing valuable tips and techniques for maintaining healthy eyes in daily routines.


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