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  • Eyes Wide Shut – An exhibition of paintings & sculptures by London-based artist Mohan Luthra

    Published on April 1, 2019

    Mohan Luthra, a London based artist’s second exhibition of life size sculptures & paintings on social, environmental and psychological issues in a series entitled Eyes Wide Shut is opening in Delhi on the 5th April midday and will be on till the 11th of this month at the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society,1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi. 

    His work mostly universal and topical is invariably influenced by exposure to West still retains a strong Eastern He is not afraid of aesthetics in his work and believes in the capability of an art work to evoke, educate and provoke thought in the viewer

    The current Series was partially a concieved during the artist’s visits to India in the wake of the Arab Spring protests in Egypt, and the Delhi protests, following the brutal rape of a young women, and the ongoing parallel debates about what not to wear.

    The paintings have been developed over the years in response to different global and lndia centric events and issues The sculpture work is mostly semi figurative and symbolic in fibreglass The paintings have been completed using a range of mediums—watercolour, acrylics, oil, digital or mixed mediums.

    Alluding to his work Sidharth, a Delhi a based senior artist says his work has “…refreshing contemporary thinking. He throws many a surprises through the medium of art objects communicating profound ideas His art emanates


    from a free flowing spirit and resonates with his passion to debate social issues.” As to the title Eyes Wide Shut, Sidharth says, “Sure the world has eyes wide open but they see what they want to and do they really look.”

    Lolita Dutta, a Delhi based art critic, concurs: “He is an evocative and versatile artist with a range of mediums and styles transcending his craft. His astute observations and grasp of a human psyche making a definitive relevant social statements. It is not often we have an artist, who is a master craftsman, Mohan fits into this mould, almost like one of his art forms, where mind body and soul juxtapose into versatile creations.”